Written by analalan

21 Jul 2008

I met Babs in a bar, after a few weeks of meeting and drinking, she asked me back to her bedsit.We sat chatting before we ended up in bed, i fucked her brains out, but to be honest i told i have never , never liked wearing a rubbers and found it hard to cum in one.

A few nights later, she said that the night was mine, and i could do what i wanted to her, i told her, that i had wanted to fuck her arse. She snapped and said that she was not up for any of that, if i did , then she would never suck me cock again.I told her i would like to fuck her outdoors, she agreed , but it was late, so not tonight.I asked her if she had anything in mind.She asked me not to laugh, but she would like me to stand over her and wank my cock and cum over her, while she fingered herself.

I jumped at the chance, and stood up and started to pull myself off while standing over her.Watching her pinching her nipples, and licking them in turn.

I was getting turned on so slowed down ,still wanking i rubbed my bum and started to push a finger up my bum-hole, she asked what i was doing , and i told her that i liked it done , when she gave me a blow job, so i would try it myself.

With that she parted her legs and opened her pussy lips, slipping her finger in , pulling it out and sucking on it, tasting her own pussy juice.

That was almost enough to send me OTT so i squeezed my cock to hold my spunk back .By now she was moaning and thrashing around, saying she was cumming, i started to wank faster hoping to join her at the point, she looked up and told me to shoot spunk now, i wanked as fast as i could, to meet her.I had to fall forward and place one hand on the wall to stop me falling on top of her, at the same time, i shot jet after jet of spunk over her, spunk landing in her hair, face, tits and the last dripping onto her pussy, she used her finger to wipe it up and place it in her mouth , until she had cleaned it off her ...Fucking amazing.