Written by Anonymous

2 Oct 2018

I assume I am like most other guys and wonder what it would be like to see their wife fucked by another man, what would be my reaction, anger, jealousy, arousal, I guess it would be a mixture of these feelings, and how would I feel about my wife afterwards. This is the situation I found myself in 6 months ago.

My wife andI are both in our 50's I'm 59 and she is 51, been married for 30 years. We are very close to another couple Lynda and Clive, and have shared holidays, dinners out, and socialised with them for ages, both are in highly paid careers, which involves Clive travelling abroad at a moments notice. Sandra and Lynda are more like sisters, than friends and have had many a night out together and quite a few " girly " week ends away, Birmingham and Newcastle to mention just a couple of places they have stayed in.

Anyway, earlier this year Lynda invited us upto their new place for a meal, ( realy to show off their new house ) a rather large 5 bedroomed detached property in it's own grounds, nice and quite and secluded. The day arrived and we got to their place, Lynda opened the door, wow! my cock more than twitched when I saw her, blonde hair ina pony tail, tight fitting red satin blouse , opened one button too many, giving a gorgeous view of her tits in a black bra and a mid thigh loose fitting skirt with either fawn tights or nylons, giving me a hug and a kiss, on the lips, not on the cheeks, she said " Come in " and ushered us in to the entrance hall. She said " We 're in the lounge, " and pointed to one of the doors leading off, " But I've got to apologise, Clive has had to fly to India, this morning, sorry he sends his apologisebut I've invited afriend from work Leroy, hope you don't mind " and with that ushered us into the lounge, well more like a ballroom, it was massive. As we entered a rather smartly dressed black chap guess in his late 20's early 30's stood up and held out his hand, " Hi, I'm Leroy " he said with a distinctive American accent, " Dave and Sandra " I said as we shook hands with him. We sat down Sandra and I on one of the two sofa's and Lynda and Leroy on the other opposite each other, Lynda got up and poured the drinks and we chatted and got one great.

After dinner, at which we had drunk a couple of bottles of wine or so, Lynda suggested we move into the other lounge and get more comfortable, I looked over at Sandra quizically, but she just mouthed " Go with it " so taking our glasses we went into the other lounge, oh boy, wooden polished floor with two rather large white sheepskin rugs, three large black leather sofa's and built in bar. The drinks flowed freely, and the inhibitions started to get lower, as we got more relaxed and the sexy jokes flowed, I excused myself and went to the bathroom, when I got back Sandra had moved over onto the sofa and was leaning against Leroy, with a glass in her hand, Lynda said, " Sit next to me, and I'll fill your glass " which she did. The conversation got more and more of a sexual nature, when Lynda said, " Is it true, Sandie, that you had ablack boyfriend at Uni?". By this time Sandra was obviously quite merry, to the extent that her inhibitions were out the window, " Yeah, I did " she replied, Lynda then said, " Did he fuck you ?". Sandra stopped, and downing her drink in one, looked directly at me and smilingly said, " Of course he did ". The room went silent and we all looked at each other, " Oh god, " said Lynda " You've actually had black cock up you ?", " Yes " replied Sandra . "More than once? " said Lynda, " Well we were together for three years, of course he did". " What was it like, did you enjoy it, was he big ? " I noticed that byn this time Sandra was lying with her head on Leroy's chest with his right arm around her right shoulder. " It was fantastic and, yes I loved it and he was quite big, infact the biggest I had taken". By now my cock was throbbing and aching, I'd always wondered if Sandra had been fucked by her black boyfriend at Uni', but she would never tell me, now she had admitted that she had been fucked by him. I could hear Lynda breathing heavily, and glancing at her saw that the top three buttons on her blouse were open reavealing a nice black satin push up bra, showing off her round milky tits. As I was getting a nice eye full I felt her hand start to stroke my cock, slowly but persistently up and down. The next second I heard her say " Bet you'd like to taste it it again, wouldn't you ? " Looking over at Sandra, I saw that her dress had risen up to the top of her thighs revealing a a white suspender belt and fawn nylons, with just a glimpse of white panties. Sandra took another mouthful of her drink and looking directly at me, said " Yes, I would, why ? ". My heart rate was racing, I felt sick, apprehensive, but strangely aroused, not jealous, I guess it was the drink softening me. Lynda just said " Well, Leroy's available and I'm sure he'd love to fuck you, wouldn'y you big boy ". Leroy just smiled and said " It would be my pleasure, to service you and long and deep and fuck you until you cum " Sandra looked at me, I just nodded, and said " O.K " and turned to Lynda and said, " Leroy fucks Sandra, I'll fuck you " and pushed my hand up her skirt and felt her panties, which were soaking wet. " Not just yet, lets see the action" she said .

Having agreed to see my wife take black cock, I sat there with my right hand inside Lynda's blouse squeezing and massaging her tits, Sandra stood up shakily infront of Leroy, who lay back on the sofa with anexpectant smile on his face, and started to stroke and play with his cock. Sandra quickly divulged herself of her blouse , revealing a white half cup bra, just about holding her 36D tits in place, 2 Ermm , very nice " said Leroy and reached up and starteed to squeeze them, reaching behind her, Sandra unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor, releasing her tits, to Leroy's full gaze. Sitting up he started to kiss and lick her tits, sucking her nipples until they stood out like organstops, and then started to bite and roll them between his fingers. Sandra threw her head back and gasped, " Yes, yes, bite them, don't stop, just like that " After a couple of minutes Leroy said, " I think it's time to see whats under that skirt, girl " without a seconds hesitation, Sandra unzipped her skirt, and let it fall to the floor. Leroy gasped and said, " Jeez, your so sexy and beautiful, Sandra, I want to fuck you now ". I wasstaggered, Sandra was stood infront of a total stranger we had only met a few hours ago, topless and wearing small white side tied panties, with a white suspender belt and fawn nylons. My cock was so hard it hurt inside my trousers, opning my flies I pulled my cock out and started to stroke it, Lynda grabbed my wrist and said, " NO" in a stern voice, " I want all that up me, after they've finished, now watch ". Lokking back Leroy had by this time dropped his trouser and boxers and had this magnificent shiny black cock standing up right and proud from his groin, it must have been a good 8" if not longer and as thick a my wrist, slowly and deliberately he started to stroke , his hand going up and down this shaft slowly. Looking up at Sandra, with a smile on his face he said, " You want this black love pole up you hunny ? ", Sandra just croaked quitely " Yes, please ". " Sure you can take all of it ?", " Yes, I'm sure s" she said, " Then drop them panties and come and ride this love pole to extasy,". Without further a do, Sandra unfastened the ties at the side of her panties and let them fall to the floor. Climbing over Leroy's thighs, she spread her legs and slowly lowered herself on to his magnificent black cock.

I was totally gob smacked, there infront of me was my wife of over 30 years, slowly but surely riding a strangers big black cock. I slipped my left hand up Lynda's skirt, she spread her legs and I quickly slipped two fingers inside her panties and into her cunt, slowly but surely fingering her. When suddenly I heard Sandra scream, " Oh, my god, you so big, I can't take it all, it's hurting me ". Looking over at them, I saw Leroy, slowly get hold of her hips and gently pull her up of his cock, " Take a breath, Sandie, and we'll try again, but this time go slowly , not so fast ", Sandra just nodded, " Ready " he said and slowly and gently started to lower her onto his cock, which was glistening with their wetness. Ever so slowly he entered her, a bit at a time until he had the full length of the beast up her. " You comfortable, Sandie ?" he asked, " Yes " she hesitantly replied, " " O.K, here we go " and then withdrawing his cock his slipped it back up her all the way. We both heard Sandra gasp, and say " Oh god, yes Leroy, yes, that's good " A if it was a signal, Leroy then started to piston his cock up her pussy as far as it would go, faster and faster, " oh christ, that's big, god, your spliting me in half " screamed Sandra, " You'll get use to it in time " gasped Leroy and continued to pound her faster and faster, " Yes, yes, harder, harder, go deeper, " screamed Sandra and Leroy obliged. Suddenly he stopped, and turning Sandra round into a reverse cowgirl position heb spread her legs and pulling her cunt lips wide he re inserted his cock., all the way up her, I had a clear and uninterupted view of his cock sliding up my wife's cunt. Grabbing her arms, he pulled them backwards towards his chest making her arch her back. Looking over her shoulder straight at Lynda and I, he said, " Thought you might like to see your wife, getting fucked by a big black cock, like she use to get " and laughed. Lynda buried her tongue down mynthroat, and fter nearly choking me, said, " Oh, yes, fuck me hard and deep like that after, please . Looking back across the room I saw Leroy plunging his big black cock right up my wifs's cunt until his ball hit the bottom, faster and faster he rammed it up her, as she screamed and bucked on his cock. Suddenly his cock just became a blurr and his breath came out in gasps. " Fuck it I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm going to fill your wife, with blck love juice " he shouted out,and I saw his ball tighten, as he exloded his sperm deep up my wife, he gave her three hard deep thrusts and three smaller ones. Sandra just screamed, " I'm there, I'm there, god he's filling me ". After a couple of minutes, I saw Leroy's cock soften and fall out of Sandra's cunt, followed by a long stream of white oozing cum, which ran down her thighs and onto the sofa.

Turning over, so that they lay side by side, Sandra ebt down and started to suck and lick Leroy's cock clean, swalling all the juices off it.kissing him deeply, she said, " That was wonderful, I haven't been fucked like that since Uni" Leroy just smiled and said, " You were fantastic, thank you ". Lynda and I sat there my hand up her skirt feeling her cunt, whilst she held my rock hard straining cock in her hand. All was silent for a minute or so, until we digested what Lynda nad I had just seen, " Bloody hell " I said, " I need a drink " " So do I " said Lynda, " Preferably a large stiff one after that " Sandra just looked at me and said" Sorry " I said, " Doesn't matter " She then said, " Now it's your two's turn, I know you've wanted to fuck Lynda for years, haven't you ? " I was kind of silent and said " How do you know "/ " It's a womans thing I can tell, well go ahead fuck her, whilst we are in the mood "

I'll relate to what happened later in the week, sorry haven't got time at the moment.