Written by Mrp12314

9 Sep 2015

This is a true story from a few years ago. Sorry for the slow start but I want you to imagine the full story.

I was at work as recovery driver when I got a call to collect a car from the owners home and take it to a garage.

I was given a phone number. Post code. House name and street and village name.

I knew of the village and knew it was in the middle of nowhere.

I drove along the street looking for the house name and car but after driving up and down the only street in the village a few times I decided to pull up in a layby and call the customer.

The phone rang and rang and I thought that I'd have to call my office to tell them I couldn't find it when I heard a male voice say hello at the other end of the phone.

I explained where I was and that I couldn't find them.

He said he had told my office that I wouldn't be able to find it and to call him which they didn't pass on to me.

He told me to wait there and he would come in his hire car to let me follow him back.

After 5 minutes a mondeo pulled up next to my truck and he said follow me. Which I did.

We drove out of the village about a mile then suddenly turned left into what looked like a narrow mud farm track.

No wonder I couldn't find it as it looked like it was just a field entrance with hedges at both sides. No house sign or anything to suggest that anything was down there.

The mile long track twisted and turned as I wondered where he was taking me when I saw the car I was collecting next to a static caravan sat in front of ruins of an old farm house.

We both got out of our vehicles and I walked over to the car I was collecting with him with my paperwork in hand.

As I'm filling out the check sheet of the car a woman comes to the door of the static just in a white shirt with only a few buttons done up and white pants which she wasn't bothered about me seeing.

She was slim good looking with nice tits. Shoulder length hair. About 5 years older than me so about 40.

I kept having a sly glance at her as I'm looking around the car then once the check sheet was done I said there was abit more paperwork to do and did they have a table I could use.

It was only a signature I needed which I usually get stood at the car but I wanted a closer look at her in her knickers so we all went into the static.

They asked if I wanted a drink and as it was the height of summer and I was thirsty anyway I said yes.

I got a signature off him while she made the drinks then I sat at the table pretending I was filling out more paperwork.

She passed me my drink and sat next to him on the long bench like sofa that u get in a caravan.

Her gorgeous sexy legs on full view with his hand stroking her thigh.

We were chatting and they were telling me how they were living in the static while they renovated the old farm house.

I said "it's a great place in the middle of nowhere. So secluded that you could get up to allsorts" and we all laughed.

After awhile she uncrossed her legs and I noticed his hand was now stroking her inner thigh.

I said "sorry did I disturb you when I called".

Expecting them to say no your ok but she said "well actually yes you did. I was in the middle of an orgasm"

I thought shit her face didn't break. Not even a smile. I thought I should apologise and go but out of nowhere I blurted out

"Well don't mind me."

I was expecting them to laugh then for me to go but instead she straddled him and they started kissing passionately.

I didn't know what to do. Do I sneak out. Do I look away or do I stay and watch.

I couldn't move and was transfixed on watching them.

His hands moved from holding her arse to caressing her breasts under her shirt.

I could feel myself getting hard especially when she lifted her shirt over her head and threw it on the floor.

Her breasts looked great. All I could do was say "wow what a view" she turned to me and smiled as he nibbled on her nipples and she said "come over for a closer look. It's more comfy on here"

I hesitated slightly then was over there in a shot. Sat next to them watching him pleasure her.

She said they had never done anything like this before but were enjoying the moment. He said they had talked about it in the past but never went any further than just talking about it but they were both up for it. With that they stood up and stripped naked. Then sat back as they were. With her straddling him. She could see me bulge through my trousers and stroked it and said that I should strip off too which I did while not taking my eyes off them caressing each other. I was naked sat next to them slowly stroking my rock hard cock wondering if it was all real or a dream.

She the knelt between his legs and sucked is erection as her free hand stroked up my thigh to my cock.

I watched her sucking him while she was wanking me. After awhile he pushed her head away from his cock and told her to suck me which she did.

I felt so good as she knelt between my legs. He watched for awhile and said is that good. I just smiled and nodded as she was deep throating me. He then laid on the floor and started licking her out as she continued to suck me. I didn't want to cum too soon so lifted her head to mine and kissed her passionately. She said she was so horny which we all agreed that we all were and all said we were all up for anything. She looked at us both and said "anything " which we both said "yes" with that she told me she wanted to try something and got me to lay on the floor as she sat on my face in the 69 position. She was so wet as I buried my face in her pussy as she sucked away on my cock. She gripped my cock hard as her body shuddered as she came and soaked my face. I kept going with my tongue and sucked her swollen clit as she came again. Her body shook so much that I could hardly keep my face in place. She screamed out so loud as her whole body shook.

She then said she wanted fucking and told him to take her doggy as I stayed laid underneath. As she sucked my cock I watched him get into position and slowly enter her wet pussy. It was inches from my face as he pounded in and out of her. Her moaning was so loud even with my cock in her mouth. I lifted my hand up and rubbed her clit while his cock slid in and out which made her cum again. Dripping onto my face. I could taste the sex.

She grabbed my hand and moved it away and asked me to lick her clit to get her off again.

I was horny as hell and so raised my head up to suck and lick her clit. As I'm licking her clit his cock is rubbing against my nose as he fucks her. His balls hanging in my face.

As I lick her my tongue accidentally licks along his shaft as he slides in and out. Just as I try to get back to her clit he says that it feels fantastic so I carry on licking them both at the same time.

By now she has stopped sucking me and is watching me lick them both as she screams out again just as he says he is cumming.

I can't move but just lay there as he fills her. As his cock slides out cum drips out over my face. I still can't move as she plunges her pussy hard on my face again as he moves away.

I lick and suck and swallow all the juices as her body tightens and shudders again. Then I feel her hand around my cock as she slowly wanks me. I hear her whisper something to him but can't hear what as her thighs are squashing my ears. Then I feel the warmth around my cock as its sucked. As my cock is sucked harder and deeper I feel her move her body back and forth grinding her pussy into my mouth.

My cock feels so good being sucked as she lifts her pussy off me and asks if I like that as I look up I see it's not her sucking me off. I'm surprised but say "yes it fantastic". She tells me she wants to see me cum in his mouth as it would be a big turn on for her. She lays beside me and they both kiss around my shaft together then take it in turns sucking me. To be honest his sucking felt better. But they both were great. I said I was gonna cum as she grabs my cock and wanks me as I empty my full load into his mouth. Then they both kiss and taste my juices. We sit back on the sofa with her in the middle as we talk about what's just happened and that we all enjoyed every part of it as she gently strokes our cocks hard again.

Anyone want to know what happened when we were both hard again.