Written by Mrp12314

10 Sep 2015

As the three of us sit naked talking about what had just happened we all agreed it had been the best sex any of us have had. They said they had often spoke about ways to spice up their sex life and had discussed being watched. Threesomes and foursomes and about trying their bi sides too but had never thought it would happen and that today had been unplanned and had just happened. She said it really turned her on seeing her guy with a cock in his mouth. They asked me what I thought and what I was willing to do. I said I was up for anything and everything as the hot summer days made me horny as ever. With her sat between us stroking our cocks hard again I thought I'd make the next move so I knelt between his legs and whilst licking around his bellend I watched them both looking and I smiled and said do you both like this then as I took him deep in my mouth. They both moaned and she spread her legs and started to finger herself watching me suck her hubby's cock.

As she made herself cum she said she wanted my cock inside her and pushed me onto my back as she straddled me and sat on my cock. She sat up and leant backwards as I watched her breasts bounce on each thrust. I sit up and he tells me to spit on his cock. I take it in my mouth and wank him with my lips then spit on it as it runs along his shaft he bends her over and pushes it into her arse. As we feel our cocks almost meet inside her she screams out with pleasure and pain as both holes are stretched. As we all get a good rhythm going her body tightens then shakes vigorously as she screams again as she gushes over our balls. He says he is gonna cum too and fills her arse as he pulls out I feel his hot cum drip onto my cock as I'm still sliding in and out of his wife.

He grabs her hair and pulls her head back and gets her to clean his cock as I sit up and help her.

Now it's my turn to cum as I fill her pussy while I suck and bite her nipples.

She stands over me and says she wants cleaning up now so as I sit up I plunge my tongue deep inside her tasting my cum mixed with her juices as he starts to lick her arse clean. Inbetween licking her clean our tongues meet and we kiss then carry on cleaning her up as our mouths lick and suck her holes she screams out and her body tightens then shakes as her juices gush over our faces. Then her legs give way and she falls to the floor on top of us.

As we all lay there laughing saying that was so good we all stroke and caress each other's bodies. Not knowing who were touching or who is touching us. Hands everywhere. She says that I need cleaning up and starts licking and kissing my face clean tasting her own juices as he cleans my cock and balls.

Once all clean we lay there chatting when I notice the time. I'd been there over 4 hours so needed to get going as it was only a 2 hour job and still had an hours drive back.

We all agree that it was the best sex any of us have had and said we will have to stay friends and have more experiences.

As I got up to get dressed she said to me to fuck her one more time but this time outside. As she led me onto the grass she laid down and told me to ride her.

I'm sliding slow and sensual in and out of her feeling the red hot sun on my back as she wraps her legs around me pulling me in tighter.

Then all of a sudden the sun goes in and there's a big clap of thunder.

The heavens open up with big heavy raindrops falling on our naked bodies when there's a massive flash and the thunder rolls over.

She says we should get back inside but as we run back to the static I grab her hand and pull her onto the bonnet of their car and say I'm gonna fuck her here.

With her arse on the bonnet and spread eagled I thrust in and out. Our bodies soaked by the heavy rain.

I fuck her for about 5-10 minutes knowing I'd last awhile as I'd cum twice that day her body shook as an orgasm ran through her body. She pushed me off and said "my pussy is getting sore so fuck my face hard and make me gag" as she fell to her knees in a muddy puddle I gripped her head and thrust my cock hard and deep into her mouth.

Another flash and bang as the rain fell onto our naked bodies I'm fucking her face hard and fast. I feel that it's not gonna be long before I cum so pound her face harder. Thinking I'm gonna break her nose on my pubic bone I don't slow until finally I empty my load in the back of her throat. She gags but doesn't pull away until she has had my last drop.

We fall on the floor and embrace in the wet muddy puddle as we kiss passionately and I lick a drop of cum from the edge of her mouth. We lay catching our breaths as the rain stops and the sun beams down on us again.

We roll over onto the grass and kiss more stroking each other gently and slowly as her hubby comes back outside saying he watched us from the window and was so turned on he wanked and came again as he watched me fuck his wife naked in the rain. We all laid on the grass then once the sun had dried us off I said I'd need to go.

As I stood up she said it would be fun to watch me load their car onto my truck naked. Knowing I'd never get the chance of doing that again and having a naturist and exhibitionist side to me agreed and started to load their car.

It felt such a turn on doing it naked and looking over to see them both laid naked on the grass watching me. Whist they both look over smiling he is slowly wanking and she is slowly fingering herself looking at me then smiling and moving her fingers from her pussy to her mouth as she sucks on her wet fingers. Once loaded I get dressed and say my goodbyes agreeing that we will have to do it again soon.

Driving back to base I can smell the sex me and can't get the smile off my face.

When I get to work they complain why I'd been so long but I got out of it saying they hadn't passed on the message to call the customer as I'd not find it and I hadn't had a phone signal so took ages to find it. Just a little white lie but with a big smile on my face.

After work I'd got home and had a shower.

Sat with my wife having tea I got onto the subject of sex and fantasies.

I asked her if she would ever like a foursome.

She said she would like to try someday but thought about just trying own partner sex in a foursome as she might feel jealous if she saw me with another woman.

I said I'd feel ok watching her with another woman and laughed.

She said she wouldn't mind trying out her bi side. So I said to her if she would feel jealous watching me with a woman but it's ok for her to have a woman how would she feel about me with another man.

She said she didn't know what she would feel.

I knew I couldn't tell her about my day so told her a white lie too. I said I'd met a really nice couple today when I got their car and that the conversation got onto sex and that they wanted to meet another couple for friendship and fun but said they just wanted to watch and be watched like us to start with but both wanted to try their bi sides too and would we be willing.

She sat back and took a big gulp of wine and said yes let's meet them but I'm not promising anything. If I don't want to do anything then that's it. We walk away.

I said I'd call them.

Let me know if you want to know what happened when we all met.