Written by daisy

15 Jul 2012

so, you want me to tell you about my second night...............

ok. well apart from my nerves i was wearing stockings, whore shoes :), black short denim flarey skirt with a black lace trim, see through black blouse, bright yellow nics, bright pink bra - very .... me

T arrived and when i opened the door to him, he gave me a great big grin, i think he liked me instantly. I kept hearing you in my head ... find something nice about the person which you like. so i studied him. we started with a glass of red wine (mine large to calm my nerves, which he didn't notice,). i asked him where he wanted to settle down, kitchen or lounge.

He wanted the lounge, so we went in, he carried the drinks and i put some music on. He asked me what i would not do and i said no arse fucking. he grinned at me. then from know where he opened my legs and started to touch my pussy. i got horned up immediately, i didn't fancy him in any way but him paying me for sex, my sex was a mass turn on. he pulled my pants down and opened my legs, immediately got to my clit with his tongue. it was actually very good .... i found something i liked about him. he was good with his tongue. he licked, nibbled and forced his tongue right up me, i think i came quite quickly, it was really dirty. he then grabbed my legs and pulled me down on to the floor. before i could even think, he had my bra off and was biting at my nipples. he forced his hand hard into my pussy and then forced my legs open, as far as possible and he sucked and licked and hand fucked me for about an hour, babe i was knackered - it was relentless. i kept trying to break for a breath but he was on a mission. he then pulled my stockings off and wrapped one around my wrists, the other he pulled between the lips of my pussy, he groaned at this and then he started to flick me really hard and then he would pull the stocking tighter and tighter, it was a tad strange baby but hay - it was good. He kissed and kissed me, biting my lips and constantly fucking my pussy with his hand. He then took his own trousers off and went to fuck me - i said hang on T, you will need a condom flower before you pop in there. He looked sad but he did it. he then rammed it up me - he was big but thin. It hurt at first but was ok, he fucked really really quickly. he then stopped himself cumming and then hand fucked me again. i reached out and grabbed his cock, i hand wanked him for about thirty seconds and then he shot me at bullet speed with cum, all over my tits, hair and carpet. Fuck it was fast. i thought he was going to cry - he said he hand never been with some like me, he said that he always thought he was shit at sex and had struggled to get women to cum. He said that i was unbelievable and he loved to watch me cum, he loved watching my face and he said that he felt every orgasm on his hands and fingers. He said he had to keep seeing me, and that i was definitely his dirty favourite. He kept saying thank you and then before he had a shower, lay me back down and fucked me again with his hand.

He was fifty years old and had he kept saying he had never experience a woman like me, he said i was a very beautiful person - and my sex was unbelievable.

any way he said he needed to see me regularly, he wanted me as frequently as he could afford, he then pushed me against the wall and started kissing me hard again.