Written by Susan

2 Apr 2008

We have a 19 year old daughter Amy and her best friend Mary has been driving my hubby wild for ages. She has got the perfect figure, quite slim but with nice tits and long dark hair. She always wears short skirts and low tight tops. We have known her for more than three years and she has often stayed with us. It was only this year when our daughter is away at uni and Mary is at college down the road that she has spent more time with us. We let our daughter bring guys home (sometimes I even fancy them myself but that\'s another story). So we agreed to let Mary do the same and use our daughter's room sometimes. That was what started my hubby fantasising about shagging Mary. It was one night when she came back with a guy her age and he was all over her, even had his hand up her skirt when they came in. Later, when we were in bed we could hear Mary telling the guy \"Come on, fuck me, bang me\" over and over. It made my hubby so horny and so every night after that we talked about him having Mary, while he fucked me. I told him I was up for it as long as I got a chance with her myself either in a 3 some or just with me some other time. We have often had three somes but never with someone so young. (We are in our mid 40s). My hubby kept trying to chat Mary up and then somehow it just clicked. He invited her in one evening when I was out and managed to get her a bit drunk and started talking about sex. She was flashing her knickers to Gary so he thought he was in with a chance. Then she came out and said she preferred older guys because they knew how to fuck a girl. She had only ever cum properly when she had been shagged by older guys! Anyway, Gary started snogging her, then stroking her tits, he pulled her thong off and started licking her fanny, right there on the carpet in the sitting room! She was gagging for it and went up to our bedroom where she was wild, begging him to tie her to the bed and \'rape\' her. She was screaming for him to \"bang me bad you bastard\" . Gary was much too horny and dying to have her to even get round to any of that (yet) but he had her on all fours and then against the wall and she was talking the whole time about how she had always wanted it from him. She came a lot and swallowed a lot of his spunk. By the time I got home, she was getting dressed, making a silly excuse about changing in our room (perhaps she thought I would be mad!) as I caught her pulling up her thong.. She was flustered but I told her she was always welcome to come here anytime...As she left hubby kissed her (pretending to hide from me) and I watched his hand go up her skirt and press her pussy...so I think we will get a 3 some with the sexiest teenager very soon..