Written by Cuck2007

4 Jan 2008

Susan and I were in a Belfast hotel for a drink when she spotted David on the other side of the room. He saw her at the same time and came right over to us.

After some small talk he told us he was out with a friend and they were both looking for a ride. Susan flushed at this and also seemed the slightest bit jealous that his big dick was going to be in someone but her. Anyhow, he left us and as the night went on Susan seemed to be spending a lot of time away from our table.

Towards the end of the night David and Peter, his friend, came over and asked if they could join us. Right away Susan made room for them and David soon had her up for a slow dance. He kissed her on the dance floor and I could tell by Peter's reaction that he had no idea what was going on.

When they sat down again Susan announced that we were all going back to our house for a drink. As David was driving Peter had no choice.

We got home and I fixed some drinks and with David and Sue on the sofa we chatted about life. As we talked I could see that David's hand was up Sue's short skirt and by the way he tried to block my view it was clear that Peter saw this too.

Sue suddenly got up, left the room and went upstairs. Without a word David followed her and as Peter looked at me we heard the bed in the room above us begin to squeak.

In no time it settled down to a steady rhythm and Susan's moans could be heard as David fucked her. To try and break the tension I took my cock out and started to wank. Peter's trousers showed that he had a raging hard-on so to help him relax I told him that David was my wife's lover and she preferred his cock to mine.

Just then David called his name and looking at me for approval he went upstairs. I soon followed him up and saw him on the bed having his cock sucked by my wife who was naked.

I quickly got between her legs to lap up all David's spunk and when Peter mounted Susan doggy style David stuck his semi-horn in my mouth. I watched Peter fuck her as I sucked David's cock and when he came David quickly took his place.

They spent the rest of the night riding her while I was sent to the spare bedroom to wank