Written by tpandd

26 Jul 2013

This is a true story from around 10 years ago concerning my then girlfriend (now ex wife) Dawn me my mate Pete and his then gf Cath.We had all played around previously (the girls loved to kiss and suck each others tits) but on the way bacck from a night out at Star City Birmingham we hailed a cab (minibus) and set off back to Walsall wood where we lived.On the way back the girls started to kiss and grope each other and me and Pete did our best to encourage them soon they where well into it giving me Pete and the taxi driver an eyeful.All of a sudden Dawn smiled at me (I have to add at this point that these two girls are late twenties and stunning)she lifted her bum from the seat hitched up her mini skirt and took off her knickers throwing them into the front with the driver Cath immediately knelt in front of her and began to lick her pussy I had a raging hard on in seconds as she got more and more vocal I got harder and harder we where now driving through the town and could be clearly seen by the late night revelers but nobody cared by this time we where too horny all of a sudden we where home and couldn't wait to get the party going inside as we left the taxi Pete invited the taxi driver to join us but for some strange reason he declined (his loss) we went inside and straight upstairs to the bedroom where we watched the girls eat each other out and rub their pussies together until they came.We joined them in bed for what I thought would be a foursome but Cath was having none of it and ggot up to have a shower so I started to fuck Dawn and as I was I put Petes hand on her tit to test her reaction and she loved it so I pulled out of her and turned her around and let Pete (unknown to Cath) fuck her it was so fucking sexy he pulled out at the end and we both spunked on her face at the same time, from that night on we fucked Dawn regularly and in some interesting places more to follow if you like.