Written by Spaday

21 Dec 2011

One morning we had decided to visit a local swimming pool/spa. Being in Germany, the spa side was totally naturist. We spent a few hours going between the saunas, but found the best place we enjoyed was the Jacuzzi. We had been in there most of the morning and afternoon, when my wife started tapping my leg. I did not know what she was getting at so I asked her but she said it did not matter. Soon after a guy started talking to us both. He seemed a really pleasant guy and we stayed and chatted for a while before we all decided to get out for a drink.

The guy then went off to the toilet, and my wife then told me he had been playing with her pussy! This was pretty strange as this was not the kind of place for that to happen.

After a drink we went back to the Jacuzzi and he continued to have fun. We chatted and asked if he was local, but he was visiting family, so there was no way we could take it further. He was amazed to find out I knew he was playing with her and that I was happy with it.

So now my wife was horny as hell we decided to stop off at one of the many sex shops on the way home. The one in the city we were at was huge, so we decided to look for a new toy. Once in the shop we discovered the whole basement had a massive adult cinema in it. I said to my horny wife we should check it out, and we did.

Once inside it was pretty dark, but being mid afternoon on a Saturday, it was packed with men. There was about 20 booths with videos playing, and about 8 cinema rooms with plenty of seating. The place was packed with guys with their cocks in their hands wanking to the videos. Shortly we stood near a guy who was pretty well hung, and he started to touch my wife up. Cutting a long story short, we went into a passageway with a big leather coated type of bed. My wife got totally naked and he played with her and licked her pussy. That was as far as he wanted to go and soon left.

She was very hot now and decided we would leave her clothes their and walk round with her totally naked. This drew shit loads of attention to her. We then went off back round to the cubby hole, and she lay on the edge of the bed, perfectly poised to get attention just at the right height. The area was full with guys, all watching and wanking ect. One guy at the front of her had dropped his pants and was after a fuck. As we had been at the pool, we had no condoms, so we asked round but no one either understood, or had any. I said to her I saw a machine on the way in so I left her to go get some. I returned and had to tell her there was no machine, just a hot drink vendor. She wrapped her legs round him and took hold of his cock and guided it into her pussy. He fucked her for a short time before shooting his cum into her. This seemed to turn the guys around us into wild animals, they all wanted a bit of her, and if a guy was taking too long to cum, they would move him on for the next guy. We stayed there until it was dark outside, (summer) and she was fucked savagely for hours. We did not count but during the time there she must have been fucked about 40 times. I’m not sure if any had a second go but she got fucked by many men, only a couple had their own condoms but most came in her. I know this sounds excessive, but it’s honestly true. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy reminiscing over it.