Written by Greenhorns

6 Apr 2011

Dear Chris, I am sorry that we have had a strained relationship these last few years. I don't understand why I've lost interest in sex and I know you need that but I just can't pretend. 

I love you more than I can say or show. 

I read the messages between you and a member on swinger heaven and I decided to tell my story. 

*This story might be too tame for some. 

I shall give a description of myself:

Height 5 feet 4 inches

Hair Dark Brown

Eyes Blue

Bust 34DD

Waist 28 (swollen not fat)

Hips 38

Nice legs...shame about the face.

Before I met Chris I enjoyed flashing my knickers and cleavage but rarely did I show more than that. I got a kick out of men trying to look up my skirt or down my blouse. If I saw a bulge I really liked that even more and often had a feel. Sometimes they would let me hold it physically. Very rarely I would sleep with a man I'd just met. 

I met Chris in March 1998. He was not my usual type nor I his. We got on really well on our first date. I thought I would wait until I knew Chris better before telling him about my flashing and cock feeling pastime.  

Getting ready for our third date I thought I would dress a little sexier. I laid out my fitted white blouse covered with tiny dark brown flowers, dark brown short skirt with a split up the front, white transparent bra and pants set, barely black hold-ups and patent black, high-heeled, sandals.

Chris arrived and told me how nice I looked and reminded me that we were merely going to a pub. I felt great and the fitted blouse showed my breasts off to perfection. In the car Chris kept glancing at the split in my skirt which now I was sitting down gave a view of my stocking tops. I pretended not to notice. I liked him looking and so shortened my skirt when he wasn't looking so he could glimpse my knickers. I knew that if I could see them he definitely could. My plan worked and he would glance at my crotch when street lighting, traffic and conversation allowed. I became quite horny. As we pulled into the pub car park I suggested we go back to mine. Even though he had a bulge Chris decided we should have a couple of drinks first.