Written by Wetndeep

28 Nov 2009

We are both swinging now on a regular basis and Deb is up for most tings now and suggested that we try dogging. Now the open air doesn't appeal to me much but I could see Deb was excited about it so I thought we would give it a go. After searching on the web for dogging sites we went late one night to the secluded spot in question and sat there for about ten minutes or so just chatting about sex what else!. We started to kiss each other and then things started to get steamier as Deb opened her legs and revealed that she had no knickers on and was really wet.

I started to rub her pussy and squeeze her breasts at the same time and then realised that we were being watched by at least six other men who had seemed to come from out of the dark. I reached and pressed the button for the window to come down and the crowd of guys got nearer. One of them looked at me and I nodded for him to put his hand in to which he duly obliged and replaced my hand on Debs pussy. He continued to stick his fingers into her soaked pussy and Deb was moaning all the time. other hands had entered the car and were rubbing and teasing her nipples. At that Deb said "let me open the door" to which she did and turned her legs and put them outside of the car and edged forward so that she could lie back. She then said to the guy who had been fingering her "you! fuck me" well he was like a rabbit down a hole his trousers dropped to reveal a large cock at least 9" long and a good girth. He pushed it straight into Debs hot pussy right up to the hilt with no concern for Deb at all but then we were dogging and not at the ballet.

the guy continued to fuck Deb hard and fast while the rest of us looked on and wanking our cocks. The guy sped up a little and by the look on his face he was about to shoot his load, Deb realised this and held onto his buttocks with her legs until she felt him shoot deep inside her and then with a moan she orgasmed herself.

We wiped her pussy and thanked the guys and set off for home with a raging hard on and Deb with a soaking wet spunked pussy.

I think we will try dogging again but I myself still enjoy the warmth of a bedroom.

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