Written by Debs

15 Jun 2012

My name is Deborah, universally known as Debs. I am 38, married but separated from my useless husband Grant after I realised soon after we married that it was a mistake, and he wanted me to be his house-slave and not have a life of my own. While the sex was OK, and his cock – at 9 inches – was enough to satisfy me whenever we fucked, it was not enough to make me his slave, and I soon got fed up with clearing up his mess, and so on.

I am blonde, reasonably good looking, with a generous figure (38 tits, 32 waist (a bit tubby I suppose) and 40 hips (generous being applied to my bum!). I always keep my pussy shaved as I like it smooth, and this seems to be popular with my men friends when they suck and lick me.

After separating from Grant, I got a flat in town, and enjoy my job (it’s only office work, but they are a nice crowd, and not too much pressure from the bosses).

Having been used to getting seen to regularly when we were together, my appetite needed more than my rabbit, and so I started looking on sites for playmates. SH has been good for this, and I have met some nice guys over the past three years.

The story I want to share with you happened a couple of months ago. Alex is a guy I met through SH – 40 slim and with a slightly dark complexion, and a nice 8 inch cock, and thick with it. Alex knows how to please me, and I now know what he likes.

Anyway, he asked me one day, as I was sucking on his stiff prick, whether I had ever had a threesome; to which I replied no, although I had thought about having two men together a few times when playing with my rabbit!

“Would you like me to set something up?” He asked. By now I was wet and really horny, so I said OK.

The following weekend, he came around on Saturday at lunchtime, and announced that he had organised some fun for that evening, but he wouldn't say more, telling me it was more exciting if I didn’t know. We spent a lazy afternoon drinking a bottle of wine and watching the rain and chatting. Eventually, I had to ask, “Well, when is this surprise going to arrive and what is his name?”

“Be here in half an hour Debs, so better get ready.”

I went off to shower and make sure I was nice and smooth, and dressed in a black one piece dress, a little short perhaps and tightly fitting. I didn’t bother with a bra (my tits are still self supporting), but decided on a white thong and hold ups with stiletto heels to finish off the ensemble.

When I returned to the lounge, Alex had opened another bottle of my favourite red wine, and poured a glass for me.

I had hardly sat down and taken a big swig of wine when the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it.” Alex was up and making for the door before I could put my glass down.

I heard Alex welcome my visitor and there were laughs and chatting – I was getting excited but nervous, so more wine was despatched. By now the wine had made me rather tipsy, and had almost calmed my nerves.

Alex came in, leading a short guy, a little heavy set, and with shoulder length brown hair, but nice looking and a big smile on his face. “Debs, this is Tom, Tom meet Debs.” I stood up and Tom gave me a peck on the cheek, and put his hands on my bum – pulling me towards him. I immediately felt his manhood pressing against me, and it felt rather large, so I grinned and rubbed my hand over his jeans to establish how big it really was.

Tom being shorter than me in my high heels, I bent over and unzipped him, releasing his erection, my hands grasping his cock. Alex announced “And this is Paul…”. I straightened up “What?”

There standing behind Tom was another man – obviously Paul – black and young (I would say about 30), he was average height and slim. Alex again “I thought you might like some variety, and so you have plenty of cock to play with.”

“Oh. Hello Paul” I managed, and held out my left hand, my right hand still clasped around Tom’s stiffy. Paul laughed and instead of shaking my hand, he unzipped his jeans and offered me a fucking great monster of a cock for me to “shake”.

Have to go now, more later…..