Written by Debs

15 Jun 2012

Sorry, I was interrupted. So this is to continue my story (if you haven’t read the previous part, then best to read it now).

My playmate friend Alex, had arranged for a threesome for me, my first.

Having introduced Tom, whose thick cock I now had in my right hand, Alex suddenly produced Paul – a young fit black guy. I was so taken back, that I offered him my left hand to shake, while still holding Tom’s throbbing stiffy, a rather ridiculous pose, so Paul laughed unzipped his cock and put it in my free hand. I say put it in my hand, but it was too big for that, it was as big as my forearm, and now semi-erect was a weight in my open palm.

“Wow!” was all I could say. I tried to put my hand around it, but it was too big; so I crouched and took the helmet in my wide open mouth, and then changing my grip to help me with this black monster.

I could feel Tom’s cock throbbing and hardening further in my other hand. Alex was now behind me as I crouched down – kneeling on the floor. He pulled my zip down my back, freeing my nice black dress, so I shrugged my shoulders allowing the dress to fall to my waist, and thereby letting my tits free. Both breasts were immediately grasped by eager hands, kneeding them and pinching my large nipples.

I was still struggling to get all of Paul’s shiny black knob into my mouth, it felt warm and bouncy, I teased it with my teeth, to allow me to close my jaw a little.

My knees were now complaining, and I had to stop and stand up, my dress falling to the floor, leaving me standing in my white thong and hold-ups.

Tom and Paul started sucking on my engorged nipples.

“Let’s get comfortable.” Suggested Alex, and we adjourned to the bedroom.

“It’s a good job I decided on a king size bed.” I laughed.

The men quickly stripped – shoes, jeans, jumpers, socks and pants discarded all over my bedroom floor.

I lay on the bed and threw my thong across the room, I was now soaking wet and my fingers slid along my slit spreading my juices around my freshly shaved mound.

Alex asked “Who’se first?” – “Me, of course.” It was Tom, “Paul will need me to loosen her up before he has a go.” With that Tom climbed on top of me spread my legs wide, and stopping only to run his stiff cock along my crack to lubricate it, he thrust his member into me, pushing hard until he was almost all the way up me.

God, it felt good, Tom was thick and firm, and a good length, (although short compared with monster Paul).

I lay back, Tom’s thick midriff resting on me, his mouth searched out mine, and our tongues got aquainted. He began to fuck me, slowly at first then gradually faster, working up a nice rhythm. Waves of pleasure crashed through my body, and I soon reached my first climax.

Of course, I had no idea what Alex and Paul were doing while I was being fucked, my legs now wrapped around Tom, I presume they were wanking and watching.

Tom carried on for some time, maintaining his rhythm, his cock filling me nicely and inspiring my cunt to pleasures rarely enjoyed by me so far. Eventually, I had to come up for air, and our mouths parted – I licked his ear, and then gently biting the lobe.

“Don’t cum inside me, I want your cum on my face.” I urged him. Tom stopped his thrusts. “Really?” he asked. “Yes, really!” I smiled, “I love the taste of cum.”

“Oh, OK.” Tom eased himself up and off me, his cock withdrawing with a plop.

He got off the bed and came alongside me so he could wank on my face and into my mouth. However, before he could cum, Paul was on me, slowly pushing his monster into my open and dripping pussy.

I was helpless and in heaven, a young fit black man on me and in me, well half in me, but the half that was inside my cunt was more than most men have got. Paul reached around my legs and hooked them up to his shoulders, giving him total access to me, he pushed a little more, I wriggled, he pushed, I wriggled some more, wanting to take all of him, but at the same time my body was saying enough. Paul began thrusting back and fore, I moaned loudly I couldn’t help it, Gradually I felt more and more of him stretching me. Paul now let go of my legs and rested on top of me, we kissed, I tasted peppermint, and then I was full of his meat, his manhood, his gigantic cock, my pussy was on fire.

Climaxes came and went, and still Paul pounded away at me. Alex then called for a “time out”. “I think Debs needs to recover a little.”

Paul rolled off and lay beside me, his member glistening with my juices. Tom was still standing over me, his cock ready to spill his seed on my face.

I was breathing heavily, and needed a rest from the vigorous fucking I had been given, but I was still hungry for cum.

“Give me you cum boys!” I demanded. “Cum on my face, and in my mouth!” I urged them, pulling Tom’s cock closer to my face, and reaching for Alex now in front of me. They both responded, coming closer and wanking like mad.

Tom came first, streams of cum emerging from his cock, falling on to my cheek and across my nose. I turned towards him and opened my mouth wide, my tongue reaching for his warm gush. He spurted again, in my mouth, his goo spreading around my open mouth, I swallowed, more cum, I swallowed again – then with a final grunt he blasted a stream up my face and all into my hair.

This brought Alex to the boil and he was next, shooting his white stream on me, soaking my tits, and chin, and eventually I managed to get his shots in my mouth. I swallowed, his taste different to Tom’s.

Tom had sat at the bottom of my bed, while Alex gave me his load, and Alex now collapsed in the bedside chair. Paul was now approaching – both hands pulling on his monster, he came close, his knob next to my face. It errupted, gobs of cum shooting at me, it went everywhere, in my eyes, up my nose, in my hair, but fortunately I managed to get quite a bit in my mouth.

“Fuck!” I spluttered, spitting cum, I was soaking wet, I had had a veritable cum shower.

“Well, thank you boys. That was marvellous, absolutely fantastic!” I was grinning from ear to ear, rubbing cum all over my tits, and tummy, down to my pussy.

We rested, I showered. Paul joined me in the shower after a bit. You can guess it didn’t take long for that big black humdinger to wake up again.