Written by Jason

29 Jan 2018

A few days ago I watched a blue movie on line that featured a couple in a car that were searched by two policemen and ended with them screwing the lady.

The details were uncannily similar to an incident I experienced some 9 years ago that I am sure it relayed by my then girlfriend or the policemen themselves even down the dress she was wearing.

My girlfriend and I were on a road trip around the USA after graduating. As we were in California we thought we would pop over the Border to explore South America where the incident took brought place.

We had been to a club and were both horny as hell not least because my GF Kate had on the tiniest of halterneck dresses in a slinky material. It was short and very low cut. She was an exhibitionist and was dancing provocatively with the locals which turned me on. To cut a long story short we were offered some coke and had stopped off on the drive back to our digs. The Charlie had made Kate even hornier so we found a deserted industrial area and soon Kate was giving me head . After a few minutes I was startled to see a policeman at the window. We were made to get out of the car were spread-eagled over the bonnet . Kate still had some coke in her bag and we were shitting ourselves !!

Their police are not like UK bobbies , they were very rough and after a quick pat down I was cuffed. The other officer then started to search Kate who was still bent over the car. I looked on helpless as he blatantly mauled her breasts. He said something in Spanish I guessed it was because Kate was not wearing a bra. For a minute or two he pinched and pulled her nipples , exposing her boobs. He then pulled her already short dress up over her bum and continued to fondle her. Whether it was because she was already aroused or it was the situation she was clearly very wet as he started to finger fuck her with ease.

Meanwhile his partner started to humiliate me saying look she is enjoying this and squeezing my balls. He hen made me drop to my knees and forced my face to Kate's naked bum. He snarled smell your whore she wants more cock.

Disgustingly the first guy then proceeded to use his baton on Kate sliding the weapon in and out of her fanny. It was then I realised she was actually pushing back on it and was moaning gently. After quickening his pace Kate orgasmed on the long wooden truncheon. whilst she was still coming he spun her around and to her knees and shoved his very large cock in her mouth. I was gutted that she seemed to suck on it with gusto and very quickly he came in her mouth making her gag a little. Still just inches from my face I feared he was going to make me suck his cock as well but I was spared that humiliation.

It was now the turn of the partner who dropped his trousers and offered his cock to Kate's mouth. This time she sucked for ages before he came all over her face. I hoped that would be the end. But no, the first guy was ready for more , he shoved Kate into the back of our car and I was forced to watch both men shag the arse off her and witness her coming many times.

As dawn rose we were let go , we had got away with out charge due to Kate's effort. Unfortunately we broke up shortly after though it was nice to relive that very sexy but scary episode in our lives.