Written by Andy

8 Oct 2012

Hi all I have posted before (public toilets and 3sum more some)

I have been chatting with a woman on skype for a few years we have ever meet but have sent each other emails and photo’s of each and randomly chatted about the sex we are getting for the relevant partners at the time,

(she is 50 years old size 12 and I am 61 years now)

So its been a bit exciting, but the situation has changed on her part now in as much that her job location has changed and now she has no where to take her men, for afternoon sex, she contacted me the other day out of the blue and had a chat and told me of here plight,

So i said it need not be a problem as I have a place they can come to, very privet,

Warm and a comfy bed,

So then I said I would be happy to join in knowing she likes a 3 sum and more from our chats,

So she said I will come around and check it out if that’s ok, please do I said,

So later that day I get a txt say I can’t find you so of I go and bring her here to my place, she comes in and says wow this is just great,

I offer her a cupper while she has a good look around, I quickly strip my clothes of because I said to her that the first opportunity I get when we meet up I will show my self of like in the photo’s I have sent,

I don’t think she believed me, as there was a look of surprise on her face when she came back into the kitchen area,

She say a double wow then, ideal place and a ideal man all ready to go, how nice,

You see I do like being naked especially when there is a woman around I guess its to do with my exhibitionism,

So i give her the cupper I have made and she takes it in one hand and takes hold of my cock in the other, well this is unexpected she says, bonus,

She say I feel a little over dressed puts her cup down and proceeds to remove most of her clothes, (keeps her bra and knickers on) like women do its like some kind of safety net !,

Well I soon got them of and she took my now very hard cock into her mouth and proceed to give me a really nice head job, while I was playing with her quite small perky tits and finger fucking her,

Well this brought me off and I shoot my spunk up her stomach and tits,

She said then look I cant be to long here I wasn’t planning on this and hubby is at home expecting me soon,

But hey I will be back in the next couple of days,

(now I know your so welcoming)

Drinks up gives me the cup and a kiss on the lips thanks me and of she goes,

I get a txt two days later saying she has meet this Bi guy tall 45 years old local and could she bring him round for a session, and says he is really keen to meet me too,

Ideal I txt back, when in about an hour the next txt says, I will be ready and waiting,

I txt back, so into the shower i go, making sure I am nice and clean and saved smooth,

This takes a little while as I can’t resist to have a play with my self and open my arse up for hopefully ! what I am going to receive,

Well what a afternoon it turned out to be,

They arrived in separate cars came in and I am stood there completely naked we do the pleasantries bit and she says she needs a shower first as she has been to work all morning, so we both help her undress and of she goes, the guy is now taking his clothes of and chatting with me about what I like to do and what he likes too,

We sit on the sofa and start playing with each others cocks and sucking each other, now he is nice and hard now and what a lovely cock he has about nine inches long and thicker than mine, I am about eight and a half inches and three inches around,

He is also fully shaven, and not long out of the shower, nice !,

She arrives back with a towel around her, and says we you to seam to be getting along fine looks like I am going to get what I deserve this afternoon,

I say I am sure you will, now ditch the towel and get started on these two lovely cocks that are yours for the taking,

Now I have your attention should really do this as part 2

She is all over us wanking us both sucking one then the other while we are busy playing with her tits nipples and clit, she is in extercey and has her first orgasm of the day, well a really good one with a bit of squirting over my lap and cock.

So now we move to the bed and get ourselves comfy, I am laid on my back and she straddles me facing away and slides my cock into her and the guy is now stood in front of her and she takes his cock into her mouth and cups his ball with both hands then proceeds to bounce up and down on my cock while sucking him of, it’s a very short time and she is having anther orgasm this one is a bigey goes into a sate of tremble and shaking, I say I think you should have a rest for a minute or two,

So me and the guy start to play with each other, and he says can I fuck you ? yes of course I say and turn my self around on all fours bum up in the air head on this lovely lady, well sucking on one of her tits,

He lubs up and starts to enter me Mmm a bit tight at first but it soon opens up and he is away now she says I have got to see this I have never seen a guy fuck anther before so I say there is a dildo on the side why don’t you get this going up his arse while your having a look, I will try she says,

She lubs him up and starts sticking her fingers up his arse and playing with his balls while he is fucking me, she then gets the dildo well and truly up him and he finds this is just to much for him and shoots a load right up me four main squirts and then just some flicking as she is still fucking him with the dildo and squeezing his balls,

Well the guy says that is the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life,

He lays down on the bed and she starts to clean his cock with her mouth, I am still bum in the air so she is now sticking the dildo up my very open arse and playing with my balls wow this is just perfect,

After about ten minutes of this we all need a brake so I get up and make the drinks and leave them two to play and recover,

I have to have a piece of tissue stuck between my arse cheeks to stop me dripping every where, as he had pumped so much spunk up inside me,

So while we are on our brake she says that looked amassing and she hadn’t really had anal had a finger or two but not a cock and thought this mite be the time and place to try it but please be gentle with me !,

So we agreed we would try this and if its really good then there are two cocks here so you could try one in each hole,

That would also be a first for me she says,

Well that is going to have to be in the next part as I was told to long before,

Let me know if you would like to here the rest of are afternoon sex session

Andy used to be a member on SH