Written by P7x20

12 May 2010

When i was a milkman i had a customer who would come her door in just a towel.She had a great figure and after some time i got up the nerve to tell her,at which point she said would i like to see more and droped the towel.She had a shaven pussy and lovely pink hard nipples. As i went in i started to undress, my cock was rock hard at the thought of what was about to happen. When we got to the living room she turned around and said i hope you are as keen to use your tongue as you are to use this as she tapped my cock.

She sat in arm chair with her legs over the arms.I knelt between her legs and started to lick and suck on her clit, it was really wet as i slid my tongue in and out. As i sucked on her clit i inserted my finger and stroked her G spot and after awhile she started to cum,not only did she cum but she also gushed over my face. I was then instructed to lay on the floor where upon she held my cock and lowered herself on it. I raised myself up so i could suck her nipples as i felt her riding me. she again gushed as she cum, this time over my cock and i could feel it running down my balls. She got off me and started to lick her juices from me,after awhile this turned into a full on blow job. watching as she sucked my cock it wasn't long before i was about to cum, she took my cock from her mouth and wanked me till i cum over those lovely pink nipples.