Written by James

4 Jul 2008

I have explained how my slim young brunette student nurse wife came to work as an escort for a blacks and Pakistani only escort agency.

I was in the back of her pimps black Mercedes,with two West Indians from the agency. The driver had dreadlocks.

Both were in their thirties.

By this time my well dressed wife was reduced to working as a common prostitute. We had just watched her being picked up by three men in an old Ford car, from a seedy Brixton street.

As we followed the Ford I wondered how they would keep up without being seen. \'Dat\'s no problem. I know dat car and Erol is drivin. He take her to a place and im an is mates fuck de fanny of de slut. Hey pussy boy ow dat maek you feel. Bet you ard in your litte panties, hey?\'

The man diving the car was right. His friend laughed. \'You wan me come an wank you off pussy boy?\' His friend asked derisively.

But his friend was right. I did want the black man to wank me off in my little blue satin girlie panties that I had borrowed from Elizabeth\'s lingerie draws. My thin little prick was sticking out like a pencil under my suit trousers.

We drove for about ten minutes. I couldn\'t see the car up ahead. My body felt weak with sexual excitement. Elizabeth was in the back of the car with one of the men. Sitting there with her short satin skirt and black silk stockings on, the man was bound to be feeling her up.

We got out of the car in a dark side street. It was very quiet. There was an opening of the street onto some waste ground where there were a lot of removal lorries parked up.

The two black men were loping along like hunters in the jungle. They moved very quietly in their trainers. i tried to follow their example in my street brogues. The ground was rough. There was a bit of lighting in what was some kind of lorry depot, but there didn\'t seem to be anyone around.

\'Dis is where all de local boys bring de sluts. She here wid dem down behind dat shed. We can get de good look from over dere behind dat truck.\' said the dreadlock man smiling broadly.

By this time I could hear raucous voices. i also thought I heard Elizabeth whimper. My prick stirred and twitched.

As we came around the side of the lorry, we could see Elizabeth very clearly in a light over a shed doorway. She was backed up against a wall.Two men were either side of her and one was in front of her. He had unbuttoned her blue satin blouse. It was open all the way down the front. He had one of his big hands inside her pink blue satin full slip and I could tell he was squeezing them. Elizabeth\'s head was on one side and looking down.

The black youth then dropped to his knees and raised my wife\'s short black satin skirt. A froth of pink satin and lace from her slip came into view. He pulled it all the way up to expose her tight pink satin high cut French knickers and suspender belt.

I watched as he pushed her legs apart and cupped her pussy mound. He gave it a slap through the tight satin, then he started to rub her between the legs, through the satin. She gave a little moan.

The two big guys either side of her had started working on her tits. they were pulling them through her full slip and bra, like they wanted to milk her. Elizabeth whimpered and one of them gave her a little slap. she liked being slapped and moaned again.

then the guy on his knees pushed her pink knickers to one side and started forcing his black fingers into her bald white pussy. He jabbed them straight in and Elizabeth threw her head back. Her brown curls hung down to her shoulders but did not move because it was so well lacquered. Her necklaced and earrings glinted in the dim light.

One of the men beside her, unzipped himself and moved round behind her. Her skirt and pink slip were right up around her waist now. The guy behind her was feeling her bottom, and aiming his prick. He spat on his hands and rubbed the spit on his prick. the guy in front of her was now finger fucking her very roughly and Elizabeth was making an agh agh agh noise. She always sounded like she was in apin when men started to be rough with her, but I knew this was the prelude to her pleasure.

We stayed very quiet, but we were close enough to hear the men calling a filthy white stuck up whore. Elizabeth responded with me moans. The man behind her was edging an enormous prick up against her bottom. Elizabeth\'s head shook form side to side. The third man was still milking her tits and kissing them through her satin slip and bar.

Now the man between Elizabeth\'s legs was finger fucking her so hard that I could tell she was going to come. her orgasm was interrupted by a gasp as the man behind her started forcing his big prick into her little bottom.

The big young black man who was working on Elizabeth\'s pussy then stood up and unzipped his trousers. I was amazed by the size of him- at least ten inches and thick.

He stood back and eyed Elizabeth\'s crotch. then he started making circular movements around the ring of her bald pussy lips. The men were still calling her horrible names. From elizabeth\'s moans and shaking head, she seemed close to orgasm. the man behind her was holding her around her slender waist. Her blue satin blouse hung open, exposing all the lace and satin of the top of her Janet Reiger pink satin full lenght slip. He was inside her, she was crying out in a mixture of pain and ecstasy. Then she let out an almighty scream as the big man in front of her rammed himself into her tiny slit.

Both men started pumping into her furiously. In less than a minute, head shaking from side to side, Elizabeth was coming violently. Her ecstatic cries filled the grim Brixton night.

They pumped inside her for some minutes. The other man had pulled the lace and satin cups of her bra and slip down to expose her breads and was sucking on her nipples. Elizabeth came again. The men were saying crude things. My prick was ready to burst.. i touched myself through my trousers as Elizabeth orgasmed again. I was going to come. Elizabeth was crushed between the two men fucking her. the third man had to stand out of the way. He just watched, releasing his won big prick and then rubbing it.

The man in her bottom went rigid, his head nustled into Elizabeth\'s fragrant smelling curls. the man fucking her vagina eased off a moment as this guy emptied himself into her bottom. He pulled out, but still held on to Elizabeth very tightly around her waist as the other man resumed pumping her bald pussy up the side of hr high cut pink lace and satin knickers. then he too went rigid. Elizabeth was coming again as this black man started emptying himself into her vagina.

Both men pulled away and Elizabeth stood there like a rag doll. The third guy stepped in front of ehr and pushed her up against the wall. Her lacey pink slip had fallen back down over her panties. He snatched it back up and rammed himself into her. He was so tall, he had to stoop slightly, but as he fucked her, her high heeled feet left the ground. He must have been stimulated by seeing the other two. He would have benefited from so much come inside her stretched little slit. Harder and harder he fucked her, calling her a filthy white slut bitch, only fit for black men\'s cum Elizabeth loved them calling her names and using her roughly. So she came again, seconds before teh big man started quivering and emptying himself into her.

\'Tank you for de pleasure whore. We see you again bitch cunt. You good fuck.. They were adjusting there clothes.

Elizabet was just standing there, stocking tops showing, legs apart. She stood a few moments before opening her bag to take a tissue to wipe herself off. Then she asked for a lift back to where they had picked her up. \'We ain\'t no taxi service bitch..You hitch a ride no problem and you egt a another good fucking on de way.\' said one of them looking her up and down and laughing. With that they swaggered off.

We watched as Elizabeth\'s expression was blank as she-wiped herself down with the tissue from her hand bag. then she straightened her clothes and struggled to walk back to the road on her 5 inch black patent leather high heels.

\'Are you going to giver my wife a lift back?\' I asked nervously. \'Maybe. But maybe we just follow her and see if she get anymore punters.

No worry, we take care of our bitch. she OK.