Written by James

16 Jun 2008

When the day came for my wife to visit her first client for the escort agency, I watched her dress with extra interest. She was going there straight from her shift as a nurse in a West London hospital. The agency dealt exclusively with black and Pakistani clients who loved white women. My wife, being only 19, slim, middle class and elegant made her particularly attractive to the agency\'s West Indian proprietor.

In part one, I explained that her first client had only just arrived from Kingston Jamaica and was probably some kind of gangster. My wife had taken on escort work on the recommendation of a porter at the hospital. It was to help out our finances because I had lost my job.

That sunny Friday morning, my wife applied her make up very carefully. Blue eye shadow made her eyes look bigger and more babyish. Dark red lipstick accentuated her full lips. These were lips that I knew would later be sucking black man\'s cock. Then she perfumed herself with Chanel No5 and I was immediately intoxicated by the thought of what would happen to her after she finished work. She was still only 19.

How could I sacrifice her in this way. I was wrong to let it happen. It was a dangerous course, but I wanted it to happen. She put on Royal blue satin and lace panties that were so tight I could see her crack. She had skinny thighs and long legs, so her cunt area really stood out and was completely bald.

Her sex lips were very clear as she stood there in her panties. She put on a matching lace and satin suspender belt, bra and black stockings. she completed the effect by putting on a Royal blue satin and lace full length slip and black stockings. She she put on her nurses dress, buttoning it up all the way up the front. With the rest of her nurses gear and a bag containing, among other things, the high heels she would change into later.

I kissed her goodbye and went back to bed with my fantasises.I must have wanked half a dozen times before she came home and told me what she had done with her client. It had been quite an ordeal, but she seemed quite calm about it. I guessed she must have enjoyed herself and was a little jealous.

Her contact at the hospital had driven her to a pub in South London. Here she had been taken to a room full of 20 black men. She had been made to perform striptease. She had stood before them and unbuttoned her nurses dress while they made crude comments. Then standing in just her slip, high heels and other undies, each man had gone up to her and groped her tits and her slit. She said that though she was afraid and embarrassed, she had cum in front of all of the men and they had laughed at her.

Then she was taken by the client form Kingston Jamaica, into another smaller room where there was a mattress. She had been made to take off her slip and panties and laid down on the mattress. The big black Jamaican, in his late thirties had stripped off to reveal a penis that was around 12 inches long and very thick.

At once, she said that it was too big for her little pussy

He said that he had paid good money to fuck a white bitch and that was what he was going to do. He got on top of her, pushed her panties to one side and started fingering her very roughly, until he had four fingers inside her. He went on stretching and wanking her for many minutes, making her moan. Then he got the head of his massive prick up against her opening and rammed it in with one nasty thrust, calling her a white slut at the same time.

She said that it really hurt, for many minutes, then she felt the most incredible pleasure and started to orgasm. he pumped inside her, really hard for about ten minutes and she orgasmed 4 times before he shot his load deep inside her.

Just as he was finishing, the door opened another of the men came in. He was a swaggering young Rasta. The man who had fucked her said that the arrangement was for him to fuck her as well. The young bloke wanted to take her up the bottom. With two big blacks in the room, she could hardly argue. After they had fucked her bottom, both of them fucked her cunt again.

I said how sorry I was and that I shouldn\'t have let her do the job. To my surprise she said that she was glad she did and was going to see more black clients. She had three bookings for the following week.