Written by Hothusband

3 Apr 2009

It has been an awfully long time since I submitted my last 2 events on here (both of them centered around me attending a school reunion and eventually fulfilling a student/teacher fantasy with a 50yo female teacher of mine) and a fair bit has happened since then.

The last event culminated in me and Shirley (a good-looking MILF of approx 50yo and a dead-ringer for the redhead from the desperate housewives programme) meeting at a hotel bar and fucking rapidly and hungrily in the toilets without protection or consequence. An incredible fuck it was too (see previous descriptions).

Since then, we kept in contact via text messages and Shirley kept things very discrete as she was feeling incredibly guilty having cheated on her husband twice with me. She had never cheated before but indicated that the thrill of it, especially with a former student, was enought to keep her going. Herhusband was not suspicious but she was racked with guilt.

However, a period of approx 3-6 months had passed with both of us flirting via text (light flirting), especially on friday nights when either of us was drunk and alone and I was hungry for another shag with my former history teacher. I had indicated to her that one of my regular wank-fantasies at school was for me and her to shag and she agreed that the fantasy had been fulfilled although briefly in a hotel loo. I explained that spending a whole night with her would be better and although she said she wanted to, she explained that cheating on hubby again would be unfair and also it would be unlikely for her to get away due to work committments and without raising suspicion.

It was a complete surprise then when I received a message from her 4 months ago asking to meet for a drink in a local pub and when we met, she was looking as good as ever. She was sitting at a table wearing a smart black trouser suit with the usual tantalising low cut blazer with a hint of a lace-top or bra underneath. Her hair had now been dyed a darker red and had been cut differently, portraying an older but incredibly sexy woman.

Shirley explained over a few drinks that she had been promoted to headmistress since January 2009 and also that she had found her hubby had had an affair with a work colleague at a party in 2008. She had got over the cheating and was still with him but she now felt in control and as a result, less guilty of our 2 encounters. Shirley explained that she could not stop thinking about the school reunion blow-job, or the time she and I fucked like rabbits in the toilets and would be happy to take up my suggestion of spending the night together, either at her house, or in a hotel.

I was stunned! I was now in a real dilemma as I really wanted to go ahead with this but purely for sexual gratification and nothing else - simply a no-strings, fuck-buddy type arrangement!

The night in the pub ended up with us both having a good chat outside, leading to a snog, involving tongues and groping outside and she was far more adventurous than me, even allowing me to stroke her bare pert tits under her blazer while she rubbed my cock through my trousers. It got very intense and I broke away before she got into her car and went home.

I have replied to her in the positive as she and I are both free on the forthcoming Easter bank holiday and I have made arrangements to stay at her house for the whole weekend while her hubby visits his family.

She wants me to bring a camera for photogrpah taking (I have never done this as I am married too) and also has begun explicitly describing via text what she and I will be doing (fucking mostly, but hse wants to dress as a teacher and a school girl).

I am now having second thoughts. Please advise. Easter is so near!