Written by I think Im turning Japanese

23 Aug 2011

Working abroad meant many new experiences, though also fleeting friendships due to short work contracts, memory of one though has stayed with me more than the rest.

One of my mates had a gf with one of those skinny oriental figures who between the spray on jeans emphasising a gap at the top of her thighs from behind and a sightly hard look to her face and an ever ready smile seemed to ooze 'fuck me'. I'd only seen her a few times briefly before they moved in together, and he didnt say too much about her accepting the general envy with a smile.

One weekend we called back at his place for a coffee and she was home relaxed and wearing a loose silk top, and with AA tits never wore a bra anyway. Come time the coffee had brewed and been poured she came in and knelt deliberately forward so giving full sight of small breasts and rock hard erect nipples. There was no doubt of her planning and intent as she glanced down to check the full effect on me and smiled before licking her lips and turning to go & sit on my mates lap. I was no longer listening to him as my whole concentration was now on her visibly erect nipples, 'fuck me' face and my bulging cock. Frustratingly she ended my hopes by shortly announcing she had to be off, and left after dressing up a bit more modestly.

I was sure my mate couldnt be blind to such blatant teasing so I said "She sure is a girl and a half", luckily he laughed it off, though also clearly a bit troubled and a bit of prodding brought out the whole story of their relationship....

His teaching job was evenings and had met her late night as she also worked evenings and things progressed where they moved in together. Then one night he had a class cancelled and so went down early to where they often met up after work and was wandering around the restaurant and entertainment area when he saw her coming out the staff entrance of a strip joint saying good night to people. He flipped and was getting angry on her as she had said she worked at a restaurant, and here she was a common stripper for sleazy office suits. Her reply rocked him (and me).

"I am not one of the dirty sluts who struts the stage flashing her pussy and everything to the public, how dare you! Im good girl not slut!" she had screamed back at his accusation.

So,....receptionist?, ticket seller?, cloakroom?

"Guys cant go leave club all fired up, they might rape innocent girl", "I satisfy them with BJs, 25$"

!!!!!!!!!!!Oh my, no not a slut, an upright classy girl helping the world with a dozen and more BJs a night.......and can she get back here and satisfy me while she is at it please!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly I never met her again as although she'd apparently promised to immediately quit in return for getting engaged I guess she was just too into variety and easy cash and left him not that long after.

My right hand remembers her frequently though.