Written by Evie

7 Jul 2011

I know that this site which I recently stumbled across is used predominantly by men.As a woman I envy how men can enjoy so much fun with their penis,I really do so wish I had one,I think I would probably play with it day and night.I read all the stories on here about gay sex between men,their hands all over each others bodies,pulling and sucking on each others penises.

I'm a 24 yr old girl,I live at home with my mum,she has arthritis and is very disabled so I simply don't have a opportunity to have a real sexual life.I think my interest in mens bit started a few years ago when my mum got involved with man from her church group,during his marital problems,he used our spare room for a couple of months.

My mum would be in bed until late in the day and he had'nt been with us that long when he started to come downstairs in the morning wearing just a pair of extremely revealing underpants,the briefs type,they appeared to be several sizes too small for him and fairly threadbare.Initially I found it a bit embarrassing but strangely got to like it,he would always dress before my mother saw him.

He became much bolder and on a few occasions when I needed to use the bathroom in the night as I returned to my room he would be coming from his to use the bathroom,he would be naked,on the first occasion he appologised but after that he would just smile.

That was the first time I saw an erection,I had heard about and read about men getting erections but because of being somewhat isolated by my mums condition I had no actual experience of mens body's.I knew that men masturbated by rubbing and pulling on their penis but again until I first saw his erection I had to use my imagination more.

He never layed a finger on me during the time he stayed with us but the morning thing in just his briefs became more and more sexual,I suppose I could have said something,but I think it became my dirty little secret from my mother.On some mornings he would be displaying an obvious erection,barely contained in the confines of his briefs,neither of us ever commented on what he was doing,but there was no doubt we both knew what was going on.

I think it was inevitable that he would take it one step more,one morning he came downstairs,in just his breifs of course,he said he was feeling very unwell and was there any chance I'd take him up a drink to his bedroom,it had'nt stopped him having an erection which was pretty obvious,he said he was feeling really hot.

When I went into his bedroom he was layed on top of his bed,he was naked,his penis was about as hard as it could possibly get and was standing straight up from between his spread apart legs,sorry he said,its because I'm so hot.I put his drink on the bedside table and was about to leave when he said don't go,he had already put his fingers around his hard penis and I just knew he was going to masturbate.

It was as if I was transfixed to the spot,I stood there watching as his hand moved up and down,totally beguiled by the bulbous dark pink head as it appeared and diappeared into his foreskin.It seemed to take a matter of seconds before the first spurt of his juices shot from that swollen head,then one after another they came each one landing back onto his naked body.

It took nowhere as long as I'd imagined it would take from that first movement of his hand to his ejaculation. He stayed with us for just a couple of weeks after that but I'm afraid saw it as a bit of a green light where masturbating was concerned,I know that I am equally guilty because I made no attempt to stop his actions.

We never once spoke to each other about what was going on,it became almost a morning ritual,he would come downstairs naked,always with an erection,get kitchen towel and stand in the living room and masturbate himself off.He never asked me to touch him or to do it for him,I don't know if I would have done.

I really miss watching him,I'm using this and another site to get myself stimulated now,I really don't think there is anything more beautiful in the world than a mans penis and its ability to do so much,just from hardening the way it does to ejaculating with such force,how I envy you men.