Written by Peter_Pleasure

30 Aug 2010

I love the different sounds different women make when they orgasm. I love finding out where their erogenous zones are and how differently they feel and behave in bed.

Recently, I met M- in a dance club. We had met before a few years back, went on a date and had a half-hearted snog. She told me she was surprised more than aroused, as she thought I was gay.

Anyway, we do dance well together, me and M- and this time ended up in bed. She’s petite, pretty, aged 52, about a size 8, and has an amazing sexual appetite (she left her husband because she didn’t get enough in bed).

Her ears, neck, nipples and cunt really appreciate being licked and nibbled. We did a mammoth session in her living room, an early morning round and a final session before we got up. The place was littered with condoms, like autumn leaves. Great, not had such a thing for many years.

Last Thursday she wanted to play ‘rape’ role play: it was ok. She scratched me painfully. That evening I gave her the best oral sex she’s ever had (her words), which is a great compliment from such a sexually driven woman. She shuddered and laughed/cried when she came and asked ‘why haven’t I experienced that before?’

In these SH stories, it always says how wonderfully a woman tastes. My experience is they don’t taste of anything: a great compliment to women’s ability to keep clean. Anyway, I blobbed out this weekend and didn’t contact her. It turned out to be her birthday, so I’m now permanently off her fuck list.

Like I said, it was nice to go down sexual memory lane. I remember K- a few years back. Her breasts were wonderful, I really liked them and liked licking them: she said I did it better than her boyfriend. When she came she sounded like an owl. We had a similar ‘three session’ night like I had with M-. I remember finding her wet cunt in the night and told her it was like finding an unopened Christmas present when you think all the presents had been unwrapped. But Catholic guilt got to her and we split up.

A- was my sexiest girlfriend. She was an air hostess for Lufthansa. We met at a salsa club. I didn’t ask any questions on our second date, just drove her to my flat. As we snogged in the hall, I lifted her skirt and saw an amazing arse in the mirror, naked apart from a thong. I went to a few swingers’ clubs in Germany with her. I’ll always remember her licking a bloke's arm as he fondled her tits, her being in the centre of a forest of wanking pricks, and how graceless and animal-like a lot of the blokes were when they fucked their girls.

But my best fuck ever was with my girlfriend B-. This was relatively early in our relationship. We were in the lounge with the fire blazing. There was something magical. My cock got so erect, my foreskin just peeled away as it grew, really, really hard. I don’t remember such a reaction since teenage days. Anyway, I had her. When she came, she fainted and was out cold for a minute or so.

Nice memories. Good to share.