Written by Rider_uk

8 Feb 2007

Just to recap, (posted mid Jan) we were at a dinner dance, lots of drink and the wife was feeling a little guilty, she had just let a young bloke she had just met give her a real good fingering and admitted that she wanted him to fuck her.

We went back to the ball room to continue with the party, a couple of the other girls asked where we had been, "just getting some fresh air C lied", off to the dance floor she went with her mates. As the night was drawing to a close there girls and their fellas drifted off 1 by 1 until as the DJ was playing the slow dances there was only 1 other couple form the party left, however there were lots of other parties there, including the party with the guy she had played with earlier in the evening.

After the last dance we headed out towards the lifts to our room, the other couple came with us, when we got out of the lift we said good night to the other couple and went into our room, C said she wanted us to go back down to the hotel residents bar for a night cap, so off we go back in the lift, as soon as the lift door was closed she lifted her dress so I could play with her pussy, I was still playing when the door opened at the ground floor, 2 couples were waiting to get in and got a great view of Cs pussy, big smiles from the blokes but tuts from the girls.

In the bar there were about 20 people, the guy from earlier included, she give him a nice smile, he smiled back but so did a couple of his mates (he must have told them what he had got up-to earlier), while I went to the bar to get some drinks C made herself comfortable on a large sofa in the alcove, it didn't take long for the guy to go over to her and offer to buy her a drink, she said she was only having the 1 and that I was at the bar getting it, so he sat down and started to chat. When I got to the table I was introduced to Gavin, a good looking bloke about 30ish. He stayed to chat and said he was sorry for what had happened earlier but he thought she was on her own, no problem I said, we got on really well chatting, Gavin's mates said they were going now but he said he would stay for a while, as we soon finished our drinks I asked if he wanted another, I went to the bar and looked back to see them kissing (fast worker)C was waisted by this time, when I got back with the drinks her dress (which was full length) was hitched above her knees, he had been fingering her again, some bloke over the other side of the bar must have had an eyeful, we finished the drinks quite quickly and said we were going to bed, Gavin walked with us to the lift helping to steady C and getting a good feel at the same time.

In the lift C started to rub Gavin's cock while kissing him, when we got to our floor Gavin helped me get C to our room, before I had even shut the door she was on her knees undoing his trousers and taking his cock in her mouth for the second time that night, he was about the same size as me (a good 6 or so inches), while I undid her zip on her dress and let it fall to the floor, within seconds she was naked, we helped up onto the bed and Gavin started to lick & finger her pussy, I gave her my cock to suck, Gavin was making her cum then in one swift move he was on top of her and feeding his cock into her willing pussy, what a sight, my 45 year old beautiful wife getting fucked good and hard, they fucked for about 10mins until he shot his load deep inside her, I immediately took his place, she was lovely and wet and I soon added my cum to his, what a feeling. C had orgasmed several times and said she just wanted to sleep, we asked if Gavin wanted to stay, but he said he had better get back to his mates, I asked his room number, he was only a few doors down the corridor so off he went, C walked him to his room wrapped in just a towel, then she walked back to our room with it on her arm.

We went to bed and fucked again before going to sleep.

In the morning we saw all of the other couples at breakfast and said what great night we had had, they didn't know the half of it, when Gavin came down for breakfast he gave us a big smile, C said to me "can I have him again on my own?" "Ok if thats what you want" a few minutes later she went over to his table, said something to him and and left, a few minutes after that he left, after about half an hour I went up to our room, C wasn't there so I went along to Gavin's room, I heard the familiar sounds of fucking, then I heard Gavin say "go on give it to the slut", C was in there with Gavin and his mate. I went back down to the breakfast room, C's friends asked where she was, I just said she was not feeling too good and was having a bit of a lie down. Gavin and his mate fucked her a couple of times each and took loads of pictures of her covered in cum.

A slut is born, we had a bit of a worry until her period came about a week later because she isn't on the pill any more. Hope you had as much fun reading it as we did doing it.