Written by Spider John

13 Aug 2011

This is a true story, and as I have never written before, please excuse the poor quality,

I am aware of the beginning and end and some parts of the middle, the rest I am going to have to pad it out a bit.

I had married Sharon in the early nineties, the marriage didn’t last long, about 6

Years, but we had some fun.

In the early days I had teased Sharon about how sex was plain, she defiantly told me she could be a dirty cow when the mood took her, I laughed and said you couldn’t be a dirty cow if you tried, and went off to work. It was summer, Sharon was in the back garden, wearing a one piece swimsuit, high thigh cut, halter neck exposing her back, it was a fairly public garden which was why she had a one piece on, I was due home at 4pm, it would have been around 3pm I guess when she answered a knock at the door, one of these insurance salesman guys, anyway Sharon invited him in, he would have been 4 or 5 years older than Sharons 26. They sat in the living room, him at one end and Sharon at the other of the sofa, he immediately went into his patter, Sharon interrupted him saying it is really my Husband you need to speak to, he carried on with his spiel, after 15 mins he leant forward and placed his hand on Sharons thigh,

Sharon responded by saying “my Husband will be back very soon” he removed his hand hastily, Sharon got up saying she was going to go and change, but as she got to the doorway, she turned, reached up and undid the halter of her costume letting the front fall, then she turned back and went upstairs, she stood just inside our bedroom with her back to the door, she said she could feel her heart pounding, and then there was the unmistaken creak of the floor board at the top of the stairs, she felt his hands reach round and cup her breasts, he rolled her nipples and tweaked them, making Sharon gasp, he kissed the back of her neck, he pushed his hand down the front of her costume, and ran his fingers over her clit, causing Sharon to go week at the knees, she could feel his hard cock against her arse so she wiggled it against him, I am going to fuck you he breathed, all Sharon could reply was mmmmmmmm, he turned Sharon around and they kissed tongues probing, Sharon pushed his jacket off, undid his tie and removed his shirt, pressing her bare breasts against his chest she returned the kiss, he guided Sharon towards the bed and layed her down, he then removed the rest of his clothes, Sharon commented on the size of him, he then pulled Sharons costume off, and she wiggled up the bed and settled with her legs open, he got between her and said “you are going to take this in one go” he positioned himself at the entrance to my Wifes cunt and pushed straight in “oh my god” Sharon shouted, he went straight for full bore, making Sharon shout and scream, after about ten minutes he stiffened and with a cry of his own he came inside Sharon, they lay there for a while, and then Sharon raised herself and started sucking him hard again, they were laying down and after a while he came over sharons face.

By the time I got home they were both downstairs, Sharon dressed in a little summer dress, and the insurance man in his suit minus the jacket, he gave me his sales chat but I wasn’t too interested.

After he left I commented to Sharon that he seemed a bit too easy to get rid off, with a laugh she said hardly surprising he had just fucked your wife, I was gobsmacked, but excited as well, I said you got cleaned up quick then, No she replied, my panties are full of his cum, and look! She showed me where the cum had dried and matted her hair.

Now do you believe I am a dirty cow?