Written by Paddy

26 Mar 2008

We had been dancing for a couple of years now. Our dance teacher, Anne, is a bunette in her fifties, a few years older than me and very fit for her age. One week my wife, Paula, was working late and couldn\'t make the dance lesson, so Anne was my partner for the evening. As we danced I could feel she was getting closer and a couple of times I felt her press her pussy mound against my thigh.

As the lesson ended she told me to stay because she had a couple of CDs for me to take home. As the last couple left she dropped the latch on the door, looked me in the eye and rubbed my cock through my trousers and kissed me hard on the lips. As my cock pumped up my hands cupped her pert tits and I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs. Anne unbuttoned my trousers and dropped to her knees. She pulled my boxers down and began to wank my stiff cut cock. She is quite well spoken so it came as a suprise when she started talking dirty. \"I want to suck your cock, then I want you to lick my cunt out then fuck me big boy\" she asked breathlesly. \"OK, but after I\'ve fucked you I want to cum in your dirty mouth\" I replied. Anne just smiled, opened her mouth and took my swollen dick in to her mouth. After a couple of minuets I was close to orgasm, so pulled out and pushed Anne toward the stage where she sat and pulled her knickers off.

As my face got close to her trimmed pussy I could smell her sweet cunt. My tounge brushed her swollen lips she sighed, as I tounged her clit she began to moan, so I started to finger-fuck her too. She reached orgasm and bucked against the heel of my hand, her cum ran down my wrist which i licked off. Anne sat up grabbed my hand and cleaned the rest of her fanny juice with her tongue. \"Fuck me!\" she instructed and held her cunt open for me to slide my cock in to. I put her legs over my shoulder and pushed in to her. \"I love the feeling of your big cock inside me\" she said as i pounded her wet fuck hole. Anne then started to frig her hard clit and came a second time, her cunt tightening around my dick as she moaned \"Fuck, yes!\".

\"Now I want your big cock and spunk in my mouth, that is want you wanted isn\'t it?\" Anne asked. \"Oh yes\" was all I could reply as I withdrew from her pussy hole. Anee sank to her knees and licked my dick clean before sucking me hard. I told her when I was about to come and she held my cock-end on her tounge so that I could see my spunk pump in to her open mouth. She swallowed. \"That was nice\" she said and smiled. \"I\'m not finished yet\" I told her as my cock was still erect.

\"Now I wan\'t to fuck you from behind and cum in your pussy\". She got on all fours and she told me i was a \'dirty fucker\' as I fingered and drank from her wet honey pot. Then I held her thigths and we began to fuck again. Doggy always makes me cum very hard and deep and this was no exception. My cock was buried right inside Anne as I came, pumping gouts of hot spunk deep in to her. Anne was rubbing her clit too and came a third time.

As I pulled out Anne cupped her pussy and caught my sperm and her cum as it ran out. \"Snowball?\" she asked? I\'d never tasted spunk before. \"Why not\" I replied nervously. Anne licked the sticky mess from the palm of her hand and kissed me, our tounges entwined and we swallowed down our mixed fuck-juices.

There was a knock at the door. We made our selves decent and opened it. It was Paula, my wife. \"Sorry I\'m so late\" she said. \"It\'s OK, we\'ve just finished\" Anne replied.