Written by Horny and Greedy frenchman

7 Oct 2010

Few yours ago i met Nat 22yrs old single mum from kent and she lives with her mum Julie 44yrs old very good lookin for her age and i was 12yrs younger than her mum.

me and Nat started to have some dirty fun every weekend as we both work during the week and the distance didnt help either. Sometimes during the week we do send each other some dirty texts to tease each other till the weekend to explore more and more.

One night Nat sent me very dirty texts early morning from different number so when i woke up i read the text and sent one back before i went to work, then while i was in the office we kept texting each other but this time the texts were very naughty and more horny than before till i find out that was her mum who was texting me cos she got my number when Nat text me that early morning from her phone as she didnt have credit on her phone so her mum saw the text that i have sent to her but meant for her daughter.

Since then me and Julie started to text each other for while but we never met before until the day when she asked me you can come over and stay for the weekend with Nat. when i walked in that weekend with Nat then i saw her mum Julie i said wow she's very pretty with lovely tits and big smile. we chatted and then flirted during that night then later on i went to bed with Nat and we fucked for hours thinking about her mum Julie, then during the night i went to get some drinks then i saw her in the front room watching tv with her short red dressing gown and nothing underneath, i sat there with her for while talking till she said all the text she sent me were what she wanted to do with me then we kissed after that night every weekend i go to stay with Nat at her mum's house and everytime Nat goes to the shop or upstairs to sort out her boy, i grab her mum kissing touching and when we had opportunity we fuck so hard and she always used to ask me if i'm good and better than her. shame they moved didnt last long as they moved away.