Written by girlnextdoor

17 Dec 2008

feeling horny as hell yesterday, i texted my boyfriend to meet me in the sex cinema, taboo in brum.

obliging he said yes, i texted him to make sure he treated me like a slut tonight and was getting excited at the prospect of a lovely night with my boyfriend.

i had read on here that some people had gone to taboo so was hoping that it was a decent cinema where my bf and i could get horny together and play with each other.

i put on my fishnet stockings, these special knickers with a slit in them, one of those lacy bras that you can pull down to show my pert nipples, a short skirt and boob tube and a long jacket!

i also tarted myself up with dark eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick, i dont normally wear makeup and to be fair i looked pretty hot. i am med build with pert tits, i love it when my bf squeezes them.

so we were to meet at 7pm but i get there early...........hoping to act out like i didnt know who he was and was going to suck off a complete stranger.

when i got there, there was a sort of living room, with old men sitting there drink coffee, my first impression, not impressed but i figure in for a penny in for a pound.

so i was asked to fill out some forms before i went in, yes forms! i paid my fee and was asked how i found the place, i had seen it from the outside before, looked like a reasonably big building but i found it on the net. i got the feeling he was pretty surpised someone like me would come into a place like that, you see i am oriental, under 30 years old and look attractive with my goth style makeup, i looked like a high class escort.

so off i went, he told me through the doors, there are two rooms...........i went in, anticipating when my bf got there, he would find me in a dark corner with my lips ready for his cock.

it would be a great story if that was the case, however what happen was when i walked pass the lounge room, pass the door that said cinema, i was meet with two rooms, seperated by a flimsy curtain and a lamp with no shade lying on the floor lit the room up to show some cheap cinema style seats and a plasma tv with noise of a woman getting it hard, pausing on the spot, taking in the site, standing next to me wear two guys, one old n fat, one young mature looking guy who looked like he was about to leave and was staring at me, probably thought his luck was in.

what ran through my mind was wtf! i just paid 8 quid for some cheap ass knock off pretend cinema whose rooms was not bigger than your average lounge with a plasma screen inside!

i turned around and short of telling the guy behind the counter what i thought of his establishment (complete and utter shit), i asked for a refund, i told him i thought my bf was going to be there but he was not so could i please have my money back, he apologised and said that since he wrote on the paper that i was in, he could not refund me my money.

i called my bf once i left and told him not to bother, it was a shit hole (adult world on station street is a proper cinema screen and clean as well as discreet)

my bf met me and we went back to his place, i told him to put some porn on his plasma screen tv and we started off the evening.

kneeling on the sofa, i asked him to take my skirt off for me, he enjoyed pulling up my skirt to find i was wearing these slutty knickers for him, he played with my pussy, putting his face in to sell my sex. he held my arms back so i could not move or fight back, i love it when he is rough with me, after 5 mins of finger me, he takes off me skirt and turns me onto my back.

i feel helpless now because he is holding onto my wrist, he grabs my neck and leans down, he tells me how gorgeus i looked, like a cheap whore who needs dick in her mouth. he pulls down my boob tube to reveal my bra, he roughly pulls my bra cup down to reveal my hard nipple, releasing my wrist, his free hand now goes for my other tit and he sucks and bites my nipple for all he is worth, i am really turned now by now.

i moan and nearly come but he loves to tease me and stops when i am about to come (this drive me wild, make me a greedy cock loving slut it does), he gets up and pulls my head towards his dick, i look up at him and slowly begin to undo his belt, i take out him hard on and look at him again for approval, i get it because he grabs my hair tight and towards his hard on. i slowly lick him, the whole length , i love my bf cock, its smooth, long and always hard for me.

i am sucking away whilst the porn is playing, my bf is fucking my face hard, my eyes water and my makeup is running. he takes me over to the tv and asks me do i see what that bitch is doing, (the bitch on the dvd was getting deep throat by loads of guys) i nodded and he told me to ly on my back.

i have deep throated my bf many times before, he loves choking me with his dick. but this time, i had my head on the floor so no room to move unlike if u were on a bed for example. he got into a 69 position and rammed his cock down my throat, he had my head in a lock and pushed down so deep like never before, i had his balls in my mouth too, it was pretty deep and i was getting wet as he was able to fuck my throat all the way down as well. i enjoyed the movement, it was ticklelish at the same time i knew he enjoyed sticking his cock down my throat, my bf likes to go where some people would not go, like anal, oh he loves anal.

i dont mind anal because look at it this way ladies, when i suck his dick and he dt\'s me, i get wet n horny, i love it when he fucks me doggy style but after a while, he gets tired (he can go on for ages) and i get loose so i let him fuck me in the ass, gives my pussy a break and anal does feel good especially when he is doing it so hard, i dont think he ever goes that hard up my cunt, maybe its on purpose hehehe

so thats what we proceed to do, his neighbours are out and after he fucks my pussy, he lubes up to go up my ass. i dont know why guys love ass so much but it turns me on that he loves it so much, he especially loves to stick it in both holes and in my mouth too. he says he loves degrading me, i play the perfect part because i am loud when it comes to love making and i screamed at the pain and pleasure of him entering my tight ass, he muffles my screams by holding my head down to the floor, he tells me what a dirty slut i am and fucks my ass even harder.

now the bit that i like.............he still hasnt come and i have come so many times, my body is shaking, the grand finale for me, he gets the double dong and starts to vigouriously fuck my pussy with it, i come immediately, i like it when my bf does that for me, especially when it fast and hard, i can only take 9 inchs of the dong but it drives me wild and gives him a break ;)

when his arms get tired, i tell him to stop, we talked about him coming in my mouth and me swallowing it but things got too much when i got on top and started riding him. i started to talk dirty too..........i told him i met someone online and she has agreed to come and have a 3some with us, i told him he would suck him whilst i licked his ass, at that thought he came inside me, i love my bf cum inside me, makes me feel so dirty.

so after that we cuddle up on the sofa, he is happy with our sex life but i would really love to find that sexy young blonde with nice boobies for him to fuck, i would love to watch him do her then do me.