Written by Dirty Old Man Hunter

22 Apr 2007

In my late teens, when there were more public toilets to choose from, I visited one of my favourites. On the quiet side of town with a car park so you can all the comings and goings. I spotted the original dirty old man. Late 60s, bald, stooped, and wearing a mac! I followed him in and stood at the other end of the trough trying to piss through my hardening nob. ‘Nice cock.’ he said. ‘Want to come back to mine?’

He lived in a flat just round the corner, so 5 minuets later I’m standing in his living room taking my clothes off. Naked I kneel in front of him and pull down his pants and trousers to reveal his cock. About 6’’, same length as mine, with a few wisps of gray hair. I lick the end then suck him in, bobbing up and down on it like there is now tomorrow. His groans are all the encouragement I need. I really must have been doing a good job as he shuffles backwards to sit down in and arm chair. I follow on, on my knees, never letting his cock out of my mouth. ‘Harder. Faster.’ he demands and I suck him right to the back of my throat where he shudders and releases a small offering that a immediately swallow.

My turn now. I push him back into his chair, climb up onto the arms, and position my twitching cock at mouth level. His tongue flicks out to lick the pre-come of the end. He kisses up and down my shaft and takes each ball into his mouth in turn, all the time murmuring how beautiful it looks. I can stand no more teasing and force my cock between his lips where he hungrily devours me balls deep. I’m not going to last very long, so while looking him in the eyes I start face fucking his face for all I’m worth. He hands knead my buttocks and pull me deeper into his mouth. ‘I’m cumming!’ and he shoves a thumb into my arse to help me out. I pump more spunk into his mouth and down his throat than I thought possible, and he only releases me when I look like falling of his arm chair.

We have a chat as I dress and he tells me to call round anytime I want to, which I do, and one time I find him with a lady friend form the Derby & Joan, but that’s another story.