Written by Smallone_2009

23 Aug 2009

Well the weekend is all most over and my wife has been at our neighbours house all day saturday and most of today, when she has been home she has been texting or phoning him. When she phones him she puts the phone on speaker so i can hear there conversation. she knows how much it turns me on when i no she is shagging mike and while she is on the phone mike tells her what he is going to do with her next time she is round. it normally is not to long before she cannot wait to go back round and off she pops.

She has told me mike has a much bigger cock than me and when she sees it pop out of his pants her fanny get wet strait away. She has said she is glad i got her to shag another man and she would do what ever mike wanted or if he stopped shagging her she would have to find some one to replace what he is giving her. But i already new this as mike has took her away and let him mate shag her(with out any complaint from her)

Any way last night (saturday) she came back home at 11.30pm she had gone to mikes at about 7 30 wearing just a long coat nothing underneath i was sat watching tv she came into the living room opened her coat and said its your turn now. she climbed up on to the chair and placed her fanny right next to my face she told me to lick it as she placed her fingers on to her lips and opened them. I could smell the cum already in her fanny from mike. I have never thought of licking another mans cum from my wifes fanny but just did it with out thinking,she moved up and down as i licked sliding her swollen fanny along tounge. she then got off the chair and laid on the floor legs spead wide and told me to carry on licking. I moved down on to the floor and could see all the cum running out of her hole towards her arse i licked all the way up from her arse back up over her love hole upto her clit.I then placed my finger next to her arse and rubbed round before shoving my finger up, she sighed as it went in,then told me to put another finger in. my cock was so hard and i could not wait to fuck my wife. I worked my two fingers up her arse and my thumb across her clit licking her lips every now and then It was not long until she started so shake as she had an orgasem. Assoon as she had finnished i moved up and placed my cock over her love hole and then pushed it all the way in.I have never felt my wifes fanny so big. she lay there on her back and i new she had not felt my cock go in. Mike had really done a good job of fucking her today. she tryed to tense her muscles around her fanny but her hole still seamed to be big. she told me not to worry and just try and shag her. After about half hour of me pumping away we both just agread it was a waste of time and we stopped we both just lay there looking up. she started to laugh and said sorry darling i was just thinking what my pussy will be like after next week. I replyed next week, why what is happing next week like. she again said sorry did i not tell you mike has a work colleuge coming bristol and mike has promised him he can have me for the weekend. I justed layed there and woundered what i had done. i have turned my wife into a compleat slag. She laughed again as she patted her fanny and said oh yeah and he is black. she reached over and picked up her phone, she showed me a picture of him then another this time it was a picture of his cock. it looks massive i said. yeah she replyed and really thick, she said she thought mike had a big cock but his makes mike look small. i said well if his makes mike look small what about mine she just laughed and said never mind. she got up off the floor and went to bed. i had another wank then followed her up. she asked what i had been doing and i said wanking she smiled and said get used to that my pussy is for mike now and who ever he says

i will let you no what happens next weekend