Written by Smallone_2009

8 May 2011

I have posted several times on here about my wife sleeping with other men it has been a great experience for both of us. I will quickly go over how we got started before i tell you about her latest experience's. i had been begging my wife to have sex with another man for months if not years she was kind of coming round to the idea when our neighbour mike phoned our house and said he had fallen over in his house and could not get up as he had a broken leg. my wife went round first and I followed after getting out the bath. To cut a long story short my wife was impressed by the bulge in mikes boxer shorts and returned the next morning to make sure he was OK and they had sex right there and then while I listened from our bedroom. This went on for a while and mike turned her into a complete slag. she has now shagged about 15 different men and id say at least half were black men. she is still shagging mike once or twice a week. don't get me wrong i love what she is doing and still get my share.

Her latest thing is that after visiting a swinging club she met a couple who are into bondage and that kind of thing. She has been to there house a couple of times and she has become there slave. She tells me all about what happens when she comes home and often has the marks to prove it. she is tied up spanked,whipped,and they use some kind of electro device on her she said that when she is allowed to have an orgasm it is the deepest longest lasting orgasm that she has ever experiences. She told me that she is now enjoying the taste of another women and that some time she gets to lick the mans cum from his wife's pussy or arse.

It was April 29Th and we were both off work and were planning to have a lazy day watching the big wedding on TV. Her phone rang about 08.15am my wife answered but put her phone on to speaker so i could hear what was said. It was her master and he ordered her to go to his house, he told her to shower and shave her pussy so that she was completely smooth and to wear a light cotton dress with no underwear and some sandals. Before he hung up he said that if any of the above was not done correctly she would feel the full force of the paddle. He also said that they had some guests coming round and that she should not show them up or else,he said to her be here by 10am.My wife said OK master and the phone went dead. I asked my wife if she was going to go and she said "yes i have to", then went into the shower. as i lay-ed there wondering what he meant by her not showing them up to his guests.She returned and started to dry her hair. I asked her what she thought he meant and she told me that she was not allowed to speak unless she was asked a question. So had no clue what he meant. After drying her hair she removed her towel and as instructed by her master she was completely smooth. She put on a white cotton dress that left nothing to the imagination with out any underwear and off she went. I got a text message from her phone at midnight to say she was not coming home but would be back on Sunday morning.

I tried to put it all out of my mind but kept wondering what she was up to. Sunday morning arrived and she returned home. As we were sitting down so she could tell me about what had happened she pointed to a mark on the front of her dress and said that it was spunk. she closed the blinds and removed her dress her back and arse were cut from a cane and her tits had bit mark all over them. I could not believe it was my wife and that she was actually enjoying this, but she tells me that she is and i still get to shag her very well used pussy when she returns home. On this occasion she asked me not to shag her as she was to sore. she told me that the guests were from the swinging club and were all like minded couples who were in to bondage and such. After getting there one of the guys lifted her dress and licked her pussy saying that she tasted good. her master had told her to remove her dress and show every one her naked body. she had then been tied up and given her first taste of a whip she was told that she had to keep all the couples happy or she would get 5 lashes from each couple. Her hand were retied behind her back and she was ordered to get to work on her first cock She sucked him until he cum in her mouth and then was told to spit t in to the Virgina of his wife and then lick it all back out making her cum as she did. The second couple who were quite fat then took there place and again she sucked cock then licked the wife's pussy. She told me that the blokes cock tasted really fishy. but she was not allowed to complain and hed wondered if that what was meant on the phone about not showing them up. in all she sucked and licked 6 different couples. The day went on much the same and she was spanked only twice once was a warning and the second was for having an orgasm while she was getting her pussy played withby another woman while she was sucking her husbands cock. The couples all drank wine and were quite drunk by the time she had been allowed to send me the text. It was then pointed out about her been a good slave she had been and that they needed to do some thing to make her fuck up so that they could use the whip on her. her master said that any body could whop her or do what ever they wanted to as she was all there slave and would enjoy it. The couples were all in dressing gowns a couple of the blokes decided they were going to shag her and as they both wanted to shag her were going to do it together. One laid on the floor and she had to straddle him and the next went behind and shoved it up her she was then fucked like this until they both emptied there hot loads in to her the fat guy had seen his chance and forced his cock in to her mouth. eventually all 6 men shagged her and then she was told to scupp a s much of there cum from her pussy and eat it. The girls did not want to miss out and all took turns to sit on her face.

The Saturday was the same only they decided to show there power and tied her to a box and each of the men cained her arse. she was tied for much of the day and was shagged by all the men in every hole. the wife's then took there turn and whipped her for pleasing there men. Her master then took her and showered her before she had it all to go throw again. One of the couples then poured hot wax on to her nipples and the around her clit. she was again whipped by one of the blokes who used the whip on her pussy lips. she told me the pain brought her close to cumming and that she had had to use the safe word or she would of been cained again for cumming.