Written by Surt

27 Sep 2017

Just wanted to share what happened last month with my wife and how I found that she was seeing other people and what she did with them.

it all happened where she was a member of a volunteer group where they all met up and arranged clean ups of areas and cutting down shrubs and pathways etc. I was not a member as I can think of better things to do than be out in all weathers doing that kind of task. Anyway on this occasion I decided that I would go out for a walk and to kill two birds as they say I would go along to the area where she was to be and take along a flask and reward her and fellow workers with a drink and score some brownie points.

I arrived at the area where she said she was going to be and parked up my car and put on my walking boots as the area was at least a mile away through fields and into the wooded area. I finally approached the last field and the trees were quite dense and I looked through to find the easiest way through and as I focused I could see that there were 4 guys who were totally naked and once I got closer I could hear noises of a woman speaking and realised it was indeed my wife who as I found out was also naked apart from her bra tucked below her breasts as they had obviously been lifted out of the cup. She was on her knees and had one of the guys clearly in her mouth. I was in a state of shock and just stood there stooped in the thick tree line watching in awe as the woman who is so straight laced at home sucking on another guys cock. She was wanking one of the other guys and the remaining two were just standing there with cocks in hand as though waiting their turn.

She was raised up onto her feet and the one guy began to feel up her breasts and at that the other guy bent her over and pushed his cock into her which made her jump forward and the other guy forced his cock again into her mouth and they began to spit roast her. She was clearly enjoying this and she continued for a few minutes until the guy in her mouth stated that he was about to cum and he duly shot his load into her mouth and she swallowed the whole lot of it which was a surprise as she refuses to do that at home. The other guy fucked her faster and he also shot his load into her.

My wife let out a moan as she had her first orgasm and then the guy pulled out of her. before she could recover from that position the other two guys who had been patiently waiting moved in and took up the same positions and duly entered her holes. These two were a lot rougher and began pumping hard into her pussy and the guy at the front grabbed her hair and was forcing her head down onto his cock which made her gag a lot but he never let up. It came to a point where I thought of making myself seen to stop them but I thought that wouldn't be a good idea as 4 against 1 isn't odds I like. Anyway in a moment where his cock slipped out of her mouth my wife shouted "fuck yes give it to me hard" which the 2 guys did and they fucked both her mouth and cunt until they both came and the guy at the rear slumped over her as he was knackered as he had fucked her really hard.

I made my way out of the wooded area and back to my car and just sat there for a while as I couldn't believe that my wife had acted so dirty and at that I pulled out my cock and wanked it until I shot all over my trousers as I was so horny.

I haven't mentioned this to her as I am scared of losing her and she hasn't changed her ways at home in the bedroom either and still refuses to take my load in her mouth and not to be too rough with her.