Written by WY Boy

12 Jul 2012

Late 1970's. I am sorry this is old, but the event is still vivid in my mind. Di and I had been married about six months. She was a vivacious twenty four year old, quite small, about five three, but with a nice large pair of breasts, 36" with small pink nipples which hardened easily. she was size ten with a beautiful rounded bum. She happily wore sexy clothing at my request and when the split skirt rage began, I ensured her thighs were regularly exposed for the benefit of other guys. She admitted it was a bit of a turn on for her.

I began to talk dirty stories to her at night in bed and found she was responding to my suggestions of her being allowed to meet other men as long as I got to hear about it later. I brought the subject up after a hectic shagging session one night and as we calmed down, I took the moment as the ideal time to mention it in the cold light of day so to speak. She asked if I were serious an d what my reactions might be if she did. I replied by backing up the fact we were married and I loved her enough for it to be a great turn on, the fact that another guy wanted her body and she was happy to enjoy another cock. I reminded her that it was different in many ways from someone going behind the back of somebody else, and though I would love to see her enjoying sex and being naked with another person, I realised that it was far more likely to be a secret session which I would find out about afterwards.

As I was a shift worker doing nights on a regular basis, I said she had the ideal opportunity when I was working. Nothing happened for a while, but she did say that a rep had called and been blatantly chatting her up. I asked when he was due to call again and she thought it would be early the next week.

I went on nightshift all the next week and was due to see only glimpses of Di as we passed either on the road or once or twice as she entered the house and I left. Apart from exchanging a quick kiss and greeting, there was no time to discuss anything, so at the end of the week, I arrived home Saturday morning keen to catch up on the week's events.

I got in and all curtains were drawn. A quick wash, then make a cup of tea ad took it upto the bedroom. Di was asleep and I gave her a quick peck and put her tea on the bedside table, then stripped off and jumped in next to her. She opened her eyes and hugged me tight, then we kissed and cuddled, she was naked. I ran my fingers to her pubes and found a bit of a sticky mess. I was onto it straight away and asked if she had been a naughty girl. She whispered yes. My cock sprang to immediate attention. I felt my heart thump and my mind raced with all sorts of questions, when? where? who? all trying to spill out at once. She looked me in the eyes and said the rep had said he wanted an affair with her early the previous Tuesday, and had phoned her several times saying how much he wanted to see her body.

She said he lived in Garforth near Leeds, around fifteen miles away and he wanted to take her to his place. It was arranged for Friday night. He met her in his company car and apparrantly drove like a twat to his place, trying to impress her with his speed. Whilst driving on thedual carriageway, he lifted her dress and found her stockings and suspenders, (holdups were not invented). They arrived at his house in Garforth and he took her inside. In the lounge he put on some music and went to fix drinks, Di sat on the floor looking at his vinyl collection, then he came back and knelt behind her.his arms came round the front of her dress and the zip running down the front was gently pulled down, revealing her breasts in a black bra.

She recalled that he got the shoulders of the dress down and soon she lost her bra and was naked to the waist. He liked her breasts and sucked and licked her nipples, which she loved, then he asked her to stand so he could remove her dress the rest of the way. It was a black and white patterened number, which I particularly iked and now had an even more special place in my memory as I imagined how sexy she must have looked to this guy ready and desperate to fuck her.

She told me she noticed his cock was out of his trousers and so she gave it some attention, wanking him first, and then going down on him with her special and delicate method, I knew it would guarantee him a huge helping of satisfaction.She said her panties were very soon on the floor and he savoured her lying on the floor in just her black suspender belt holding up nearly black stockings, her pouting cunt lips visible beneath the thatch of her pubic hair in the pre-trimmed days. They then licked and sucked each other in the sixty nine classic way before she was turned over for him to take her doggy style. By now the night had given in to dark and they screwed with the curtains open, she said she was unsure whether anyone in the houses opposite could see her being fucked but he seemed only concerned in his goal of shooting his spunk deep inside her.

They screwed for a long time and Di said she had come a couple of times before he shot his come deep inside her. Then after a few minutes he said that they would be more comfortable in bed and took her upstairs, his cock getting hard again as they entered the room.

By now I had disappeared beneath the bedclothes, licking for the first time, somebody else's come from her wet and tasty cunt.I asked if that was it and she said no he fucked me again with her riding him reverse cowgirl, which was when his brother appeared in the doorway. She was riding his cock and facing the door when he came up the stairs and walked in the bedroom, smiling broadly, he felt her tits and got his cock out. Di said she was in shock, but everything that night seemed like a dream so she took his cock into her mouth without really thinking about it. First her guy shot his second lot in her and then his brother filled her mouth with come and she swallowed it much to their admiration.

She told me she was fucked once more before being brought home at around four thirty in the morning. His parting shot was that they were going to do that again very soon. I for one was in agreement and Di said she was keen for his slightly wider cock than mine to fuck her again soon. All this talk was too much for me and I soon added my come to her by now tender cunt but as we drifted off to sleep, she asked if I had enjoyed her going out. I said I was delighted and that set the scene for a whole host of adventures which I will regale if you would like.