Written by jockweiler

19 Apr 2011

Moya and I had agreed to meet in the hotel I usually use at Gatwick airport, having had our previous planned meet disrupted by things affecting her in Belfast.We had planned for all sorts of fun, and we would begin by having the curtains wide open so anyone in opposite rooms could see inside.

The plan was for Moya to sit at the desk, in full view of the window and gradually expose more and more, hopefully drawing the attention of someone in another room.Then I would join her and we would see where it took us. I was excited by the potential and so was she; then of course serendipity took hold and she had a visit unexpectedly from her son and his wife who were going to stay over right through the period of my hotel stay. Then she managed to catch some horrible virus ,chesty cough flu, etc etc and eventually contracted cystitis through use of antibiotics. All of this conspired at the last minute to prevent her coming and she told me the bad news on the 1st day of my arrival at the hotel. I was disappointed to say the least. I called her on skype and we were having a video conversation from my room, when the door was knocked on and immediately opened by a lady from the housekeeping department of the hotel. Not a young girl.. more a fairly middle aged lady but well preserved.

I was seated at the desk on the laptop, stark naked talking to Moya and she walked in saying "oops". I turned and said "can I help you ?"

Now normally you would expect her to run out mumbling apologies, but shockingly, she didn't- ; she walked in allowing the door to shut behind her.

She moved behind me to see what I was doing on the laptop and saw Moya sitting there in Belfast; Now , I admit to being non-plussed by this and wondered where it was going.

Moya was quite shocked to see the other woman in the room as she was well aware that I was naked. The housekeeper had a clipboard which she put down and layed her hands on each of my shoulders. Moya's mouth had dropped open as this was not what either of us expected... especially me. Well guys, what happened? I started to get erect and my intruder reached for it , got me to stand, Moya now being able to see my cock on cam, and proceeded to give me a very satisfying BJ, stopping short of me cumming. She stepped in front of me and dropped her uniform trousers and I was allowed to fuck her from behind after rolling on a condom !.. Moya watching all this and very obviously bringing herself off despite being ill.

Sounds unbelievable but exactly what happened; Moya can confirm. The housekeeper left shortly thereafter saying " I suspect you are happy with your room , sir". A veritable understatement!

Now I know the detail of sex is not exactly arousing in this tale ; might even be called mundane ; but it just goes to show that from disappointment can come , if you are very lucky, resolution !!