Written by Helen

26 May 2019

I feel like I have had an awakening over this last weekend. My name is Helen, I am 46 and married. My two children are at secondary school, so I recently went back to work full-time. The company offices are close to where I live, which was a major factor in taking the position. Most of the workforce are quite a bit younger than me, but they have set up a great Social Club and make a point of including everyone. They had planned a meal out followed by a visit to the local nightclub for the Friday of the late May holiday weekend. My husband, Rich, and I don’t go out much, usually just a meal out every now and then, so I took a deep breath and said I would join the crowd.

As the night approached I had my highlights done (I am naturally a light brunette, but now like the slightly blonder look) extensions and bought a rather smart white, flowing dress with some shiny bling on the belt and beneath the belt. Rich dropped me off at the restaurant and said he would collect me later if I texted him. There were around 20 of us, most under 25. The group were quite loud when I arrived and hence the meal took much longer than we expected. We arrived at the nightclub a bit late, so they had given away half of the section reserved for us. It wasn’t a problem as the other group were very friendly, albeit mainly guys and also appeared very young. I hadn’t drunk much at the restaurant but joined in some of the outrageous drinking challenges once in the nightclub. I danced quite a bit and was invited up to dance a couple of times, and really enjoyed that.

I had lost confidence in my appearance, although had taken a lot of time with my make-up and appearance for this evening. I am not as trim as I used to be, but do have an exercise bike at home and I try and use it a couple of times a week. The evening passed very quickly, I had told Rich I had gone to the nightclub and would get a taxi for the short journey home. Once outside the club, the queue for taxis was huge, there was some nasty behaviour, so a number of us decided we would just walk, including those from the group we had met. At different junctions individuals would veer off until there was just me and Ben, one of the young guys from the group we had met at the nightclub. He asked where I was going, and then said he would walk me home, then double back to his flat.

I was grateful for that as whilst well lit, it was now about 1.30 am. A few minutes later he asked if we could stop off at his flat as he was desperate for the loo. I said I would carry on home, but he insisted he would walk me home once he had relieved himself. We quickly got to his flat, which was really a large bedroom with a couch & TV, also a small kitchen and bathroom. I waited in the kitchen while he went to the toilet. I was still a bit worse for drink, but certainly not completely drunk. When he came out he asked if I had enjoyed myself at the nightclub, which I replied I had. In particular I loved dancing to an Adele song. He said he had it, and quick as a flash put it on. He came back with a big smile, put his arms around my waist and said “let’s dance”. I put my arms around his neck and we gently rocked back and forth to the music.

I noticed how tall Ben was. I was in heels yet I still had to reach up to him. I am 5’4” so he must be well over 6 foot. Ben moved his body very close to mine and I felt the unmistakable feeling of an erect cock. I looked up at him and couldn’t help smiling. His eyes froze and he said “I am so sorry”. I told him not to be, and that I was flattered. Without saying word he started snogging me with rough, deep kissing. I actually was excited by this and enjoying it so went with the flow. However, he next started to roughly grab me through my dress and between the legs. I pushed him away and told him to calm down. He was now staring and pawing my breasts and I thought he would rip or damage my dress the way he was going. My breasts used to be a beautiful and shapely DD when younger and before the kids / age, but are now EE which I am quite self-conscious about.

I said to Ben to slow down, and then without thinking said “undo my dress and you can feel my breasts properly”. I turned my back to him and he eventually managed to undo my dress, allowing it to fall to the carpet and I undid my bra letting my breasts fall free. He was cupping both from behind, squeezing quite hard and I could feel his erection again being pressed in to me. After a few minutes I said I need to get dressed and get home. He started to complain about me leaving him high & dry with a hard cock. I was quite turned on by now and had this huge desire to see and touch his cock. I therefore told him to undress and lie on the bed and then stepped out of my dress, heels and knelt beside him. His cock stood straight up against his stomach and was quite long. Definitely longer than my husband's, probably the same width but a completely different shape.

I started to slowly pull back the foreskin and massage with both hands. Ben reached up and with one hand behind my head, started to push my head down towards his cock. I said I wasn’t going to give him a blowjob but would wank him off between my boobs. His eyes almost came out of their sockets when I said that, but I proceeded to encase his hard cock between my breasts and then moved them back and forward over his cock. I felt so sexy and excited doing this to such a young guy, but very quickly I could feel his cock tense up, then he started to ejaculate large dollops of sperm over the bed and me. I could see the ecstasy, quickly followed by disappointment that he had exploded so soon.

I got some kitchen roll and cleaned up a little, then lay down beside Ben to catch my breath. I jokingly said “satisfied ?” although I was more conscious about how sexy I felt having made him cum. He beamed a smile to me, and then I just lay in his arms to rest for a while. It was a lovey feeling lying close beside him. His body was very lean and quite muscular. After a while his hand started wandering over my breasts. This time he was very gentle and my nipples started to respond to his touch. Then his hand went down between my legs. I still had my panties on, and he stroked me gently through those. I could feel I was getting quite wet, but was determined this was going no further. Ben was quite persistent, I was finding this so hard to resist and eventually I let him slip his hand in to my panties.

All of a sudden he looked at me in a strange manner. “You don’t shave” he said. It had never occurred to me this would ever happen, and whilst I keep my pubic hair trimmed, I don’t enjoy the shaved feel. He asked if he could look and as I was taken a little off guard but still tingling with excitement about this whole act, I gently raised my hips as he pulled my panties down and off. I rolled on my side away from Ben out of shyness, but he pulled me on to my back, and then started pulling my legs apart. I felt so unbelievably exposed and my mind was spinning with excitement and fear. Ben’s fingers were soon touching my lips, then parting them and without a word being said a finger moved up and in to my opening. I was loving this, but all too soon Ben was trying to shove another finger quite roughly in to me. I pushed his had away, and pulled him up to kiss me. I wanted to kiss him and then whisper I needed to get home. Ben again started snogging me passionately and then I was aware both his legs were between mine and he was pushing my legs apart.

I quite liked him being on top of me and was happy to spread my legs further. I was not aware he was erect again until I felt his very hot and hard cock nudge the inside of my thigh. I opened my eyes to see Ben looking intently down between our bodies, and then he started stabbing between my legs with his cock. I was now panicking a little as this was not my plan, but before I could get any words out, I could feel his hot and hard cock pass through my pussy entrance and then in one thrust he fully penetrated me. I looked at him and said “Ben, I am married !”. He stopped, but I just kissed him and put my arms around his shoulders pulling him closer to me. He started thrusting in and out of me like a jack-hammer. Fortunately I was quite wet but I could feel his warm hardness violently banging away inside me. Soon he started to quicken even further, started groaning followed by three or four deep thrusts. Ben stayed inside me for a while, then I felt his penis start to go soft and he pulled out of my and collapsed on his back. Soon I could feel some of his sperm start to trickle out and down outside between my legs. I hadn’t had an orgasm but I felt on fire.

After 5 minutes or so, I leant over, kissed Ben and said I have to go. He got up and walked me to within 100 yards of my house. Rich was asleep when I got to bed. I spent some time cleaning myself before getting in to bed. I didn’t want to look at the time but suspected it was around 3.00 am or later. Rich woke me the next morning. We have sex a couple of times a month, and of course, he wanted it this morning. He said I had looked stunning the night before and he couldn’t wait for me to get home so he could “shag me” ! That is what he proceeded to do. No warm up, just a missionary shag which he thought I was enjoying because I was gasping. In truth I was still a little tender from Ben and that is who I was thinking of until Rich ejaculated and rolled off me. I can’t get the thoughts or thrill of Friday night / Saturday early morning out of my head and desperately want to try it again. I am not sure if it is the thrill of doing something illicit or I just find the younger guys so sexy. I don’t want to hang around the nightclub or stalk Ben, but do hope to find another similar outlet.