12 Mar 2019

I was a mid 30s guy who had been in a loveless marriage for over 12 years. I had been faithful but found that she had not. The last 4 years of our marriage I had taken to marking on the calendar when we had sex. Pathetically it was once every 6 weeks... I found that she had been much more active.

I was hurt and after the divorce started exploring all the usual electronic site to get some satisfaction. I came across an ad from a couple and said what the hell... It was a new experience. They were a little older and much more experienced. Turns out they owned a bring your own bottle club for swingers.... I really had my mind blownShe liked cock and so did he... I enjoyed them both.. I loved eating her while he sucked me and she sucked him...... Many different variation of that...she also loved the double penetration scene. And it got to be a great time..... I spent many wonderful nights and days exploring this side of sex.

I ended up connecting with them regularly for the next year.. Until I got an overseas assignment Now I kind of miss that excitement watching and participating in that scene. Now I am married again and faithful but my mind still wonders to double penetration and eating her while he sucked me... Still blows my mind