Written by Mark

11 Jun 2010

Lisa and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last month. Whether we'll make it to our second is debatable. I met her at a News Years party, fucked her the same night, although I had vague recollections of waking in the night and her sucking my cock, bent over being fucked from behind. She denied that had happened, suggesting I was a dirty sod with an over active imagination. Whatever, she loved fucking, I couldn't believe my luck. Five months later we married. My mates knew her, most fancied her, who wouldn't. She's pretty about 5'6", red haired, milky white skin, fantastic legs, pert 32 inch tits tipped with little pink nipples. When we were out she'd wear short skirts, loose tops, no bra and I noticed that she would bend so blokes could see her tits and sometimes sit so they could see her panties up her skirt. I just put it down to carelessness and she just laughed when I mentioned it.

We went to Spain for our honeymoon, it was hot and sunny and with her fair skin she had to be particularly careful. On the first day I was by the pool waiting for her, chatting to a bloke at the bar. I had my back to the hotel when he looked over my shoulder and said "Fucking hell. Take a look at the tart that's just come out". She'd said she had bought some new bikinis, but this was practically nothing. A tiny bit off thin material covering her pussy, and a top with strips that hardly covered her nipples let alone her tits, a wicked weasel I later discovered. She walked over and I got her a drink before she settled on a lounger, partly hidden by an umbrella. The bloke managed to splutter an apology before I joined her. "Like it" she said. the top already gone. "Isn't it a little revealing" I suggested. "If you've got it flaunt it" she responded, getting up and diving in the pool. She swam a couple of lengths then climbed out. The material between her legs now transparent, her pussy, shaved except a strip of red pubes fully visible. Back on the lounger she sat and applied sun cream before laying back, slightly parting her legs. The material between her legs pulled tight and disappeared in her gash, her lips spread either side. Men passed having a good look and she opened her legs wider if she saw one she liked.

Back in our room I was both annoyed by her behaviour and excited. She pulled me onto the bed, her cunt was soaking and we fucked. After she claimed that it was just a laugh, watching the men ogling her pussy. I pointed out that her cunt had been dripping wet and she told me that flashing her pussy turned her on. All her bikinis were similar and one day on the beach she undid the sides, then rolled on to her back, letting the material fall away and lay pretending to be asleep with her cunt totally exposed on a public beach. I began to enjoy her flashing, thinking of all the jealous blokes who would like to shag her. We drank and partied every night and as she danced she "accidentally" flashed her pussy. Each day she was more daring and obviously enjoying exposing herself.

Towards the end of the honeymoon we were both ratted one night, she'd been dancing with a couple of lads. She wanted to go back to the room and they volunteered to escort her while I finished my drink. I was only 10 minutes after them, the room door was on the latch. Before I even pushed it open I could hear them. Lisa was kneeling on the bed, one lad ramming his prick in her cunt, shafting her, the other on the bed stuffing her mouth with cock. They knew we were married but didn't give a shit. Lisa was being fucked as she gobbled greedily on a prick, wanking him with one hand the fingers of her other, between her legs rubbing her clitoris. I stood watching, my cock stiffening as my slut wife was fucked to 2 lads she met only 3 hours earlier, twelve days after our wedding. The lad porking her came in her cunt and the other took his place sliding his hard prick deep inside her. The first one pulled her face to his prick, which I could now see was an impressive 8 or 9 inches, and she licked the juices and spunk off. Although he'd only fucked her a few minutes before, he hardened again and when his mate had cum she demanded that he fuck her again. She took him, a satisfied look on her face as she felt his thick member stretching her cunt again. She was soon crying out, sobbing that she was cumming, grinding her cunt against him when she climaxed, then as he continued fucking her for another 15 minutes or so, made her cum twice more before he shot his second helping of spunk in her pussy. I had my cock in my hand wanking as they both dressed, them smirked at me, commenting what a slut she was as they left her laid on the bed with cum pouring from her pussy. I wanted to fuck her but she stopped me and told me I could lick her out. I stood looking at her soaked, gaping cunt, the spunk running out and was actually aroused by the sight. She spread her legs wider, as for the first time, I got between her legs, licking her snatch, sucking other mens spunk from her hard fucked cunt. In the morning she wasn't even sorry, blaming the drink.

I thought that would be it, a one off thing. We work in separate offices in the city centre. Nearby there is a small park where we would meet for lunch if the weather was fine. She would sit on the grass, but it wasn't long before she started flashing, at first her panties, until she stopped wearing any, displaying her cunt to any bloke who happened to be in view. She talked about who she'd flashed later while we fucked at home but soon that wasn't enough. She started going out at weekends and bringing blokes home with her, at first just one, then two, three and once four. I'd be in bed and listen, or watch through the door if it's ajar, whilst she was fucked until the early hours when she came to bed and told me to tongue her clean.

I still get to fuck sometimes during the week. We stopped meeting in the park for lunch, she told me she was to busy. About 3 weeks ago a mate, returning from his lunch told me he had just seen Lisa going in to the park. I went over, and was just in time to see her going behind a hedge with a bloke of about forty. I worked my way round until I could see through some bushes and watched as she sucked the bloke off, letting him spunk in her mouth. Since then I've seen her several times meeting a different bloke each time. After each time she's been randy that night so I get a fuck. Although I enjoy seeing and hearing her fuck I suspect she gets even more out of it. Part of me thinks I'm lucky to have such a slut for a wife, but would like to join in the fuck sessions. She has refused, suggesting that in future she may only let me lick her cunt clean after she has been fucked and not let me fuck her at all, if I don't stop asking to join in.

Do I stay or do I go