Written by Big Dave

1 Mar 2012

Last week I went to visit a new accountant to potentially change over to them. I got there a bit early and was given a cup of coffee and asked to wait in a small room with two sofas in. A few minutes later a woman, who I’d say was in her mid forties, came in to the room and introduced herself as the owner of the business.

Tall and slim with short blonde hair and looking very businesslike and absolutely immaculate in a very smart bright red wrap-over dress, a short black jacket and red high heeled court shoes. She sat on the sofa to my right. As she sat down, her dress fell open and revealed a wonderful view of the full length of her right thigh. She was wearing very sheer black tights and had fantastic legs. I know they were tights because I could literally see right up to the very top of her leg and if they’d been stockings I’d undoubtedly been able to see the tops of them. Although she made some effort to cover her legs, the dress just fell open again and again.

The presentation went very well and I was very impressed with the services her firm provided and the price was what I was expecting to pay. However, I was left wondering whether she was just a very sexy woman with a great business and great legs or if she was very unprofessional.