Written by Dog walking

14 Feb 2009

I am happily married but feel I am missing out a bit on adventure so have been having sexy texts and emails with a male colleague at work. We have even got to the stage where he touches me when I stand next to his desk in his office and he slips his hand up my skirt and fingers me. I get very wet knowing how wrong it is, and he would like to make me cum, but I can never relax enough, in case somebody sees me.

I was bored and horny one day, something that seems to happen a lot lately, and found this site when I was browsing on the internet. I love reading the stories so thought I would put my own on here as it makes me even hornier to write it down.

I take my dog for a walk everyday and as I live in a small village, I walk across fields, and down country lanes, and sometimes through a large wood. I had a very enjoyable time the previous day when my friend had touched me and made me wet in the office. I had gone home hoping to finish off with my husband, but he had already been watching the rugby and was quite pissed, so not a lot of use to me. I was horny all evening and night, and got up thinking about how much I needed a man.

I thought taking the dog for a walk woud help so off we set across the field and into the wood. I was wearing a button up summer cotton dress as it was a warm day, and just knickers and bra. I walked for about 30 minutes and in the middle of the wood met a man of about my age also walking his dog. We chatted about the dogs and the weather and walked together. He was reasonably attractive, not really my type, but had a nice personality. We talked about our families as we walked through the undergrowth when I suddenly stumbled. He quickly helped me up by getting behind me and putting his arms around me to lift me up. His hands were actually on my breasts and I put my hands on his as he lifted me. I suddenly realised that my hands stayed on his and he was stood behind me holding my breasts. We were quiet as he started to squeeze them, and I didn't stop him.

I felt so sexy and dirty and turned around and started kissing him. His hand went straight under my dress and I put my hands down to feel his hard cock.

Next thing I knew was we were on the ground, ripping at each others' clothes as he got on top of me and entered my very wet pussy. We were frantic as we moved against each other and I came within 1 minute. He followed me quickly and we groaned in pleasure as our orgasms seemed to last for ages.

I suddenly realised what I had done and pushed him off, retrieved my knickers and walked quickly away.

I have never told anybody about this although I sometimes imagine it when we are having sex. It has made me feel very horny writing this down and I hope you all enjoy my story.