Written by lucky

9 Dec 2008

hi again shall tell you about another time same place as before near wolverhampton, we bumped into a guy off here but also arranged to meet another bloke just after anyway we arrived as usual he was there and decided to stay in that carpark, she likes to site there in just her bra pants and stockings oh by the way she is 5ft slim size 8/10 dark hair anyway gave arranged signal he came over and stud by her window got his cock out and was playing , so she opened the door he came forward and she grabed his cock which was not hard yet and she could just get her hand round it she played with it for a while he said he to me he had to be quick had to get home then she looked at me and asked for a condom, i was shocked as his was a big lad and i didn/t think she would fuck him she gave it to him and he put it on he then grabed her legs and got between them i had stop him while i greased her cunt up well as he was thick as well as long,l held one leg him the other as he put his knob against her fanny and in one push went straight up the look on her face was a picture tuck her breath away he just hammered her cunt and kept going i got out of the car as we had a couple of blokes watching one was the other bloke we arranged to meet, as we watched him fuck her he would pull right out then straight back in her not gentle at all for the size of his cock ,the one we arranged to meet said can i go next i said should be ok all this as he is still going at her. its funny standing there with 2 blokes all watching my sexy wife get fucked by a bloke we just met and them saying fuck me mate she can take some cock etc, just then he gave a big push and filled the condom inside her and pulled out she was gapping open he got out the car said thanks for that mate got to go and left i asked if she was ok she said just fuck me so i got between her legs and pushed in could hardly feel the sides but just enough feeling came very quickly filling her with loads of spunk , i then asked her if she could take another she said she was to sore explained to other bloke who said he understoud i dressed her and tuck her home she said latter it was prob the biddest cock she/d ever had ,one down side i couldn/t fuck her for a week after if any one as seen us or bumped into us leave comment we are usualy in a blue car