Written by WilliamandLucy

18 Nov 2012

About 8 years ago I persuaded my wife to come up to Tog Hill with me,She dressed sexily and being our first time we were very nervous.I stopped on the way to lock all the doors.When we arrived we parked up and she started playing with me,I had her tits out within minutes a guy was watching and to tell the truth we panicked and drove away,we got our nerve back and parked in the lower car park and started again.two guys approached and I opened the passenger window,I read that if you leave your interior light on they will join in so I did.it wasn't long before they had their hands in and was fingering her with one of the guys sucking her tits.both guys were at this point fingering her pussy and she orgasmed,she thanked them and we drove home.

We returned again on a Sunday night about 10 o'clock and parked in the same place,within minutes their must of been about 6-10 guy around our car all trying to give her a fingering and fondling her tits.I've never seen her so horny her legs we wide apart and I don't know how many guys were fingering but I tried and she was full.we often recall what happened and have been thinking about repeating the expierence.