Written by Mikehants

1 Dec 2014

This is a true story that happened late summer on a Tuesday night on the 9 September this year. I was returning from a business trip in Amsterdam and landed on Tuesday evening around 10pm. I was heading home along the A3 off the M25 when I thought I'd nip in to the Wisley nature car park. I chose the upper car park as this normally has more couples. As I drove in, I parked up and barely switched the engine off when a car pulled up and parked just in front of me. Whilst it was dark, I could just about make out that there was two people in the car, so I stayed put, and waited. It was not more than a few minutes when the interior light flicked on and off, and I saw a blonde lady in the passenger seat and a guy sitting in the drivers seat looking over to me.

I took this as a signal, and got out of my car and walked over to the drivers side of the parked car. I asked if they were looking for anything in particular and he said walk around to the passenger side and see what happens. So I walked around and she sat their looking quite sheepish with her head down, with her blonde hair hiding her face. The window was up and he had turned the interim light on. She kneeled on the passenger seat with her arse in the air, wearing a fantastic leopards skin G-String and her arse was amazing (she looked like a size 10). She was giving her fella a blowjob, and I was loving just to watch. At this point the electric window came down, and the guy said that I could touch if I wanted. So I put my hand in through the window and started to caress her arse and it was soft and warm. I was able to pull aside the G-String and start touching her moist pussy.

At this point she stopped giving the guy a blowjob and sat back in her seat, and opened the car door. Her legs came out of the car and she pulled down her G-Strung yo give me full access to her pussy. I got on my knees and started to lick her tasty sweet pussy, and it was really flowing with juices. She lay back across her fellas lap, and started talking softly, and saying things like, "look, honey, he's licking my pussy, look!" I was really enjoying it, and I noticed he took a couple of pics on his mobile phone of me really going down her. There were a few other guys stood around, but the fella told then they will have a go another time. This was my signal that this pussy was mine to lick until she came.

She was really squirming as I got her to climax, and she was holding on to her fella as she pushed her pussy hard in to my face holding one hand on the back of head holding my tongue deep in her pussy. She came in spasms And after a minute or two, she sat back up and took hold of my very hard cock, and started to wank me. She got the rhythm just right I started to cum. She pulled my cock towards her so that I would cum over her small beautiful breasts.

I pulled away and thanked her, and she lifted her legs back in to the car and closed the door. I kissed her goodbye through the open window and walked around to the drivers side. The guy got out and said, "she's amazing ay!" All I could was agree and shook his hand and said thank you so much.

I walked back to my car, and sat in the drivers seat. I waited a few minutes, and saw them start their car and start to leave, so I left as well. I could kick myself that I didn't get a contact number, but if you are reading this, I'd love a repeat if your game.

Cheers and thank you.