Written by Watchful husband

22 Jan 2009

My wife has recently got into dogging. It started when we were out for a drink one night and decided that we would stop for a grope on the way home. It was very difficult to find anywhere private and eventually ended up in a very quiet road, which we later found out was a dogging area.

We went a couple of times and were amused by the men's antics to get closer to the car and have a look. We used to go there during daylight hours and she would play with herself and make herself cum several times as men tried to see what was going on in the car by walking by very slowly. She never let them see but it was obvious from her expression that she was cumming and it turned her on as much as anything I'd ever seen.

One day she said that she wanted to go there on her own, but she wanted me to be there as well in my car whilst she was in hers. I was to park a little way away and she would expose herself and let men see her playing, although she said she didn't want to go any further than that.

She drove to the road one day about 5:30, just as it was getting dusk, and I arrived about 10 minutes later and parked about 50 metres behind her. There was already a man hovering around the car and in the dim light I could see him rubbing his trousers as he stood watching her. he went right up to her window and took out his cock and I knew that she had her dress undone and showing everything. She was wearing black holdups and no underwear. She has very large nipples, long and thick, and they are very sensitive. All of a sudden he reached into the window and it looked as if he was having a feel. Her hand suddenly came out and started rubbing him. That lasted about 5 minutes when he suddenly zipped himself up and left.

During the next hour she wanked off 8 men whilst they felt her nipples. She told me later that was all they were allowed to touch. What surprised me the most was that she never refused anybody as she is usually very fussy. She is attractive so can usually choose who she wants. There were old men, fat men, one youngish lad, and other men in their forties.

At one point I wandered past the car to look at her myself and the side of her car was covered in spunk, and there was a large pool of it by her car.She saw me, smiled, started the car and drove home.

When I got home she was sat in the lounge with her dress undone, still playing with herself. Her niplles were twice as big as usual and red from all the the squeezing and pulling. We had a great night.