Written by gordy

12 Apr 2012

following on from our last dogging session at broxton truck stop outside chester. where i had my wife fuck guys in the disabled cubicle of the ladies for cash i had a text from the guy with the big cock wanting to know would we be interested in another session but this time in the wooded area away from the toilets. i said yes would love to see you fuck her again .he said ok how about saturday evening about ten o clock .so we arranged to meet that night she dressed up very slutty no bra and no knickers her hair in pony tails and schoolgirl uniform and off we went we got there a little bit late so when we arrived he came running out of the woods saying i thought you had let me down my wife said no i am wet through thinking about your big cock he said thats great because i have a few things to surprise you both with. he then whisperd in my ear that his cock wasnt the only one she would be getting hiding in and around the woods and toilets was more than 40 men . he had put an add on the internet and more than he thought had turned up . i thought ok in for a penny in for a pound or as he had told them 20 pound each .we went into the woods over to a low ranch style fence he asked her if it was ok if he bent her over it and tied her hands to it and then her legs apart and tied at her ankles she looked at me and said looks like its going to be a kinky fuck i said its up to you she said ok but let me suck him first with that she dropped onto her knees and he face fucked herholding onto hair pigtails while he was doing this several men where turning up but being carefull not to be seen when he saw this he said to my wife come on you have had enough now its my turn .he stood her up and bent her over the fence and tied her to the fence then once she was secure he said in quite a loud voice the bitch is ready and men came from everywhere my wife said whats going on and i said i think you had better get ready your gonna get well shagged with that he opened a bottle of lube and let in run down the crack of hair arse and over her shaven cunt just as the first guy a young lad about 18 give me 20 quid and banged his cocked up her to the balls taking her breath away he didnt last long and neither did the first 10 i looked around and there were still lots of guys around a 30 something halfe caste guy came up to me and said if i give you more can i take her in the arse i said ok he got the lube of the fence and fingerd more into her tight arse then started to push it up her she yelped a bit but once he shouted out to everyone that he was up the slutts arse she went wild bucking onto his cock and making him spunk in minutes. she took 5 more up her arse that night and was let down when everyone was empty he laid her down and got on top of her pushing her legs over his shoulder and going fully up her spunky cunt for all to see finally turning her over and letting his spunk jet out over her arse hole she was well fucked but by the end of the night we had over 800 quid in our pockets and a very well stretched cunt and arse .