Written by pat51

26 Jan 2012

I often take my lady dogging around Northamptonshire, she appears to love it. She likes to have a few drinks and then go somewhere dogging, then the fun starts. We usually park up and start playing a little, kissing - touching etc then when the guys gather round she likes to lay back and let them have a good look until they get their cocks out. Once they are on display, the cocks that is, she opens the window and whilst sucking me off allows them to touch - boy it's sooooo horny. She then turns round, opens the door and takes the cock / cocks in her hands and wanks them until they come over her tits. This continues time after time until she has wanked about four / five hmmmmmmm - love watching her do this ................ There is one guy that she is comfortable with and he gets to take her off and do as he wishes, sucking. fucking or whatever. The other nite I wanted her to get in his car and do the usual stuff, but on this occasion let me drive off and come back and catch her sucking, fucking and wanking other guys -she agreed. I drove off and when I came back she was sucking him off while the guys played with her. She then closed the window and concentrated on him while the guys, about four, watched. She sucked him long and slow, sliding her tongue down his shaft and gagging by going too deep - hot hot. The climax was for us all to watch her lower herself onto his cock and fuck him until he came - keep on watching guys as we will be around again soon, hopefully she will spit roast at some point.