10 Nov 2017

We was on are way home from a christining in the car when i noticed the wifes dress had rode high showing a tiny glimpse of her stocking tops, i bought her some new underwear, a black and red basque some stockings and a new black lace dress, boy did she look hot i thought, i placed my left hand on her thigh, as we came through a place called little chalfont, i looked across at her and was greeted with a sexey smile, i knew what she was thinking as over the last 20 years or so i had seen this smile many times, i edged my hand towards her black pants and placed a finger on her lips rubbig them slowly. Davina let a little sigh out, i noticed a turning on my right with a yellow hight barrier, i rememberd passing this parking place on the way earlier to the christining just pass a cricket club, i turned in quickly trying not to damage are new car, Davina asked me cant i wait, with a grin i smiled back and puled over to the left just out of veiw of the road, i began to play with davina slowly working her as if we had all the time in the world, she dropped her seat back widening her legs so to make my access easy, before i knew it she was breathing faster, i asked her why she was fealing so horny, she began telling me she knew i saw her getting close to a lady guest at the do, i asked if anything had happened, she said no but she made her feal horney, she said she was only in to men so never made any advances, but she did turn her on, as i rubbed faster davina let out a moan and came, i slowed my rubbing of her clit and leaned over to give her a kiss, moving forwards davina strted to undo her dress i held her hair up to help with the zip undoing it she pulled the front of her dress down showing me her breasts leaning over she unzipped me and took me in to her mouth i pulled up her skirt with my left hand and began to play with her clit again as she sucked on me when i noticed another car pulling in, its another couple Davina i said there is another car. so was her reply she continued my blow job with out a care, the car came with in 4-5 spaces from us and just sat there i noticed two people sat in it a couple around are age. After a few minutes they reversed and pulled along side are car the women was looking on at me fingering my wife, the man got out and began wanking, i was a bit throwen out here but his wife opened her door showing us her exposed pussy as she played with her self, she asked if we minded if they could play with each other while watching us we agreed and kept going, the women knowen as sue asked us if she could touch the wife, as Davina sucked me before she could answer i moved my hand and let sue place hers there, her husband just leaned back against his car door playing with him self, davina began pushing back againt sues hand this was to much for me and i came davina swallowed every drop from me, i sat there watching my wife being played with by another women, i think she was coming on sues hand after a short time, hearing her breathing again increase as she let out a long sigh, sitting p to face sue she offered her the same in return, as sue hitched her white skirt up and stepped towards davina, davina began playing with her, sue was moaning when she placed a leg in the foot well and Davina began to lick her slowly at first getting faster and faster , davina licked her to orgasm, sue gasping grabbing davinas head as she came sue thanked her kissing her softly ajusting her dress, her husband stood where he was i had not seen him finish but from what i could see there was no wanking taking place, Davina and sue spoke a little and we will meet again outside, we never thought outside would be so much fun this was are first experience they told us they had been lookig for anther couple for a long time and had only met men until us, playing outside gave both of us got a extra kick out of it we cant stop playing in the car, we have been watched quite alot since, but only by men staying the other side of the door wanking, we have not opened the door to them so any couples looking to join us feal free to message us sue gave us there number to meet another day, we have once only sue alone that time so far but thats another story. D&c