Written by emandtone

30 Nov 2012

This Happened about 8 years ago at a very busy dogging site. My wife (girlfriend at the time) had been out drinking in Maidstone with her girl friends, she had called me and said she was horny and wanted me to pick her up. So without any delay I jumped in my truck and headed into town.

She had gone out from her place so I hadn't seen how she had dressed for the evening. As I approached the meeting place where I was to pick her up, I saw in the distance legs and tits, as I got closer it was her lol.

She was wearing high heels, mini skirt and a low cut top that showed off her 34 ff tits. As I pulled up and stopped, she opened the door and as she climbed into my 4x4 her skirt rode up a little and some guy shouted 'nice knickers', she had flashed a little bit off gusset to the guy as he passed. As he said it, she lifted her skirt up and flashed a lot of ass cheeks and giggled.

This made me rock hard and I thought about her flashing some more, so I drove her to country park on outskirts.

My mind was rushing thinking about what she would do, if anything, when we arrived.

Well as we pulled in, if you know where I'm talking about, I drove to the right towards picnic tables and parked up. Within minutes a couple of shadows appeared. I asked her to get her tits out, she did so. This made my cock to hard for my jeans so I pulled it out and started to wank. She leaned over to take me in her mouth but the gear sticks was in the way.

She pulled her top up and opened the door, the guys had to move back out of the way. She brazenly strutted past them, my heart was in my mouth as she walked around the front of the truck. She got to my door and pulled it open, wasting no time she took my cock in her mouth and sucked my to heaven. Meanwhile the two guys had followed her around to my side. The door was wide open, she was bent over taking my cock in her mouth and the two guys were now wanking like mad behind her. Some more men had come over to the car now, about 5 in all.

I said to her 'I want to watch you get fucked!'

Without taking my cock from her mouth she shook her head and mumbled no. 'Do you want to get covered in spunk? I asked.

She nodded and started to suck deeper and harder, so I reached down and pulled her skirt up and exposing her thong.

'Take turns in spunking over her!'

And with that the guys wanked over her arse and covered her in cum!

About 5 sticky loads run over her arse.

If you were there, please let us know.

This was first of many dogging trips, if you liked please let us know and I might post some more