Written by Chris J

6 Jul 2015

Like a lot of people. I never really thought Dogging was for real, until last night ! Working in the Midlands, bored of the hotel bar each night so started looking about for something to do. Checked out this site and saw the section on dogging, one of the favourite local places was close by so why not have a look ! Got there about 9 just as the light was starting to fade. Parked away from the site and walked the rest of the way down a long lane. Easy to recognise the place from the description on this website, only one car parked there though so thought it was probably going to be a waste of time. No one in the car so followed one of the paths that lead to a country walk around a fishing lake. Hadn't gone more than 20 yards when I heard a noise coming from a small path on my right. Crept through and Christ I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a plump Asian lady about 35, kneeling on the grass, skirt pulled up at the back and large tits swinging freely, a white guy behind her fucking her for all he was worth, and a small Asian guy with a small cock in her mouth. I stood and watched for a couple of minutes getting turned on with watching this lady getting a good fucking, whilst at the same time telling the Asian guy how small and useless his cock was and to watch a real man fucking her. I had my cock out wanking it to a good size when the Asian guy in her mouth looked up and saw me. He muttered something to her, she looked in my direction and beckoned me over. She grabbed my erect cock, wanked the shaft a couple of times and then took me in her mouth. For the next ten minutes I had the best blow job I have had in years, made ever better by the thrusting of the guy fucking her from behind, pushing her mouth onto my cock with each thrust. He soon came, withdrew, pulled off a very full condom, zipped up and walked away.

I was getting close to cumming so pulled out of her mouth and shot a huge load on her chin and large tits that she was cupping together and urging me to cum all over. The Asian asked me if I wanted to fuck her, but no condom so had to decline. I tidied myself up, thanked the lady and walked away. I turned to look back and there was the guy cleaning my load off her ample tits.

Guess where I am going tonight, with condoms and Viagra at the ready. Thanks for a great website !