Written by Dan and Sarah

20 Oct 2009

\"I loved letting them shoot their spunk in me Dan \" she said when we got home.

My cock got hard again when I heard her say that, I got on my knees infront of her and licked her again, I could still taste them in her wet open cunt and sucked as much as I could out of her.

\" Oh god yes suck it from me dan Mm godd Yesss I am cumming again\" she bucked and grunted as she came for the umpteenth time that evening.

I shoved my cock straight up her and left it in as deep as it would go. \" you feel so nice Sarah with your cunt all used and cummy\"

She thrust up against me \"fuck me\" she ordered.

I shook my head and pulled out of her, moving so she could suck my cock, \"taste all that spunk Sarah\"

She greedily slobbered over my cock sucking as much in as she could.

\"you looked so fucking hot being screwed by those strangers Sarah, you looked like a whore a slut\"

She pulled me deeper into her mouth and throat gagging as she did.

\" I would have liked to have seen you suck that young guys cock Sarah It was huge\"

She looked up at me as she sucked my cock a wicked look in her eyes.

She took my cock out of her mouth \" You will tomorrow, he\'s coming here with some of his friends, I met him on the way home the other evening thats why I was late\" she grinned

I grabbed her by the hair and shoved my cock back in her mouth. \" you dirty fucking slag, I love you\" I face fucked her and shot a load in her mouth in no time.

\"Aww Dan I wanted you to fuck me again\" she moaned \"I\'ll have to do it to myself now. She proceeded to push 3 ,4 then her whole hand up her cunt.

\"Oh Sarah I love seeing you do that you dirty slut. yes fist your gaping cunt for me\"

\"I am going to to this for Simon and his friends tomorrow as you sit and watch me fuck them all\"

\"I cant wait .\" I replied. \"But we should be safe and use condoms next time.\"

\"My cunt my call! they will fuck me bare and you will watch and clean me after\"

I was starting to get hard again as she said that.

\"Oh you want to see me used like a whore do you Dan? you want to see your wife be a slut for the young cocks do you ?\"

\"Yess \" I moaned as I plunged my cock into her again. \"I love your cunt after you have been fisting yourself Sarah\"

As I fucked her she was pulling on her nipples. \"Fuck me harder cum deep in me Dan.\"

I banged away at her biting her neck and tits as I thrust as deep as I could.

I shot deep up her and made her cum again before collapsing on her big soft tits.

\"MMM Dan we had better get some sleep, it\'s going to be a long day tomorrow, they are not leaving until they are drained of spunk.\"

to be continued