Written by Darvid

23 Sep 2018

So this was sent to me by the ex after I had told them to look for the story I’d written about our little meeting!!!

Hearing his side is a massive turn on!

Dogging the Ex - The Cuckold Hubby Perspective.

I read the ex’s account of what (actually) happened the other day .... and my hot wife thought it would be hot if we told our version of events.

First of all, I can assure you this DID actually happen and pretty much as the ex has described so this is as authentic as it gets!

AND he has described my hot sexy wife very well. She is gorgeous, has an amazing body, and eyes that transfix you. I adore every inch of her.....

But when she is feeling horny and I mean, really horny.... she becomes even hotter, utterly insatiable, wicked, inspired, naughty & the ultimate hot wife!

We’ve been swinging for a while now. We are very close and we have an amazing marriage.... but we thought it would be fun to try adding a bit of spice through the swinging. She is all as I described above (and more!).... and I’m quite sub and like to be taken advantage of! We have had few hot wife & cuck nights but honestly nothing had prepared me for her next plan!

She’d been talking about dogging for years. She loved it but had curtailed those desires as she knew I wasn’t brave enough!! She often mentioned the fact that her ex used to take her and show her off to whoever was watching. I guess she was telling me this to ‘test the water’ but I was still reluctant.... all the time she told me these stories I could see the excitement in her eyes as she recounted being fucked in the car with her ex, with blokes reaching in and mauling her amazing tits.....

I just had to listen to the stories and then try to satisfy my wife and curb that excitement some other way.

Until this one day.

I came home from work as normal. There was that naughty glint in her eyes... and she simply said ‘I called my ex, and he’s meeting US tonight. I’ve told him where and when, so you’d better be ready to take me’ ..... ‘you don’t have time to worry or say no because it is happening tonight and there is nothing you can do about it’.

I was shocked. And wanted to protest but then the cuck in me just consumed my thoughts and I was very very turned on and I got very hard.

My wife saw this reaction and laughed. ‘I knew those protests were a front... but you won’t be needing that tonight. It’s ALL about my pleasure tonight’

Next thing I remember was us sitting in the car, in the dark and secluded car park. It had all been a bit of a blur and I couldn’t remember much of the drive there.!

She stripped off her clothes to reveal the hottest black lace body covering her very hot breasts, the back of it riding up her pert arse where she had pulled the front up to rub against her clit. She’d topped this off with black lace topped stockings and her tall boots that shaped her legs perfectly to over the knee.

To my shock again, she then told me to get out of the car. I then had to take photo after photo of her as she spread her legs and posed all over the car ....

I was getting more and more turned on myself as I could see just how horny this was making her!! I’d forgotten what we were actually doing there and was drawn in by her completely.....

I didn’t even notice the other car pull up! The lights of that car swept round and lit up my wife as she leant over the bonnet of my car... she responded immediately by rubbing herself where the lace body was pulled against her clit. Then smiled as her ex (!!!!) got out of the car.

‘Hubby.... I got bored of waiting and I needed some proper attention’ .... they immediately kissed right in front of me. I was wandering what I was going to say... but I didn’t have time to think.

My wife then pushed me into the back of his car. The ex ....now assuming a very direct bull persona responding to seeing my hot wife’s excitement.... started to run his hands all over her. Telling me that she was as hot as he remembered and how could I let her do this ... with him... of all people!!

My wife pulled out a bag from my car. Opened it and took out several lengths of rope and a huge roll of gaffer tape!!!! I knew I was in trouble now ....

she knew she didn’t want anything to stop her having her fun. And had prepared for it.

While her ex fondled her twitching arse and had his hands all over her tits, my wife, now with her devilish but very sexy eyes twinkling, reached into the back of his car and begins tying my feet together. She then does the same with my hands, tighter than she had ever tied me before ... but often pausing and gasping while her ex’s hands explored further.

She was talking to me the whole time ..... ‘I’ve got my ex here and he’s gonna give me what you don’t seem to be able to do. Look... he’s all over me and can’t wait to have me AGAIN!

And I don’t want you to be able to stop our fun. So you can stay in here and watch, listen and learn’

She then tied my bound hands to my tied ankles. I couldn’t move. Tied like that, in the back of HIS car!!

Just to make sure, she told her ex to pause his mauling of her ‘just for a second’ and then wrapped the gaffer tape over the ropes and knots, tightening me even more! There was no getting out of this bondage n stopping what was to happen. I had no choice but to watch ....

If I’m honest, I was feeling the adrenaline running through me. I was worried about someone coming into the car park and discovering what was happening (not that I could go anywhere or do anything about it!) but also the thought this was her ex that she was now being very intimate n sexy with. Instead of me!!!

It was a mix of emotions and feelings I’d never expected or experienced before but fucking hell, I was sooooo turned on! I was very hard.....

My wife and her ex did everything. Right there. Out in the open. In full view of me. Talking to me the whole time. They both talked very graphically about what they were doing.

But the biggest point they both made often was how much they were enjoying each other AGAIN.

The ex got my wife to lay in the back of my car, doors wide open so that I could see and as he went down on her, my now insatiable wife was telling me how much better he was and how she was trying so hard not to cum .... they fucked, sucked and played with each other for what seemed like hours!! In the car, by the open doors of the car I was bound tightly in, and out in the open!!

With a constant reminder of how good it was to be doing it AGAIN!!!

Meanwhile, in my head, I was hunched up in awkward bound state, trying and testing my bonds constantly. While listening to them describing every touch!!!

I tried to protest all the time but they just ignored me and carried on, getting more n more intense. I protested more and my wife told me to ‘shut up’ as it was my fault she was there doing what she was doing anyway! She then leant forward over me in the back of the car while her ex was fucking her from behind ..... she told me right to my face how good it was and how I couldn’t stop her!! She was so turned on.... her whole body was cavorting and moving in ways I’d never seen before to get every ounce of pleasure from his cock.

For me, right there and then, It was like watching the best porn you ever seen but with your own very hot wife as the sexy star! And my god she was!!!

She could see i was hard and had precummed into my boxers! She took her now soaking panties off and rubbed all her juices off her ex’s cock, then started to wank me off with these panties gripped around my cock. It didn’t take long.

I came in seconds. A full load into her already wet panties.

I protested again. Evidently it was one time too many for her patience! She balled up the panties and stuffed them into my mouth, then wrapped the gaffer tape round and round to make sure I could not spit out the cum soaked gag! She blindfolded me and then got out of the car. She told me that she was now going to enjoy her ex making her cum and she didn’t want to hear from me anymore.

Her ex then set about my wife’s body once again. I could hear everything but no longer see! I didn’t want to try to talk either!!

It felt like I was there for hours again!!! AGAIN!!!!

They were at each other AGAIN!!!

And they enjoyed telling me just that! I heard all the groans of enjoyment and ultimately heard my wife release.....

All of a sudden, my wife came to the door of the car and pulled me out, still tied tightly and onto my knees outside the car. She left the blindfold in place but removed my gag ....

I started to ask her what was go going on and felt her hand round the back of my head... pushing it forward. Before I got any words out, I felt it! She whispered in my ear ...’now come on hubby... suck it up and clean him up for me’ .... I can remember thinking ‘no fucking chance!’ but it was in vain. As I protested she forced my mouth open and onto his cock, pushing me back and forward, up and down it. I was gagging but she kept on pushing. I think he enjoyed it too as a proper bull would! This was his ex’s husband cleaning him up!!!

I didn’t enjoy that bit much but my wife’s sexy authority was very very hot!!!!

Eventually after I’d been shoved back into his car, and after my wife and her ex had finished another naughty session... my wife untied me and we wound it all down.

We then chatted quite normally about all the fun we’d all just had!!! We all got on great, and agreed how hot it had been for everyone!!!! And then went back to our normal lives.....

From my perspective this was the ultimate of mixed up emotions and feelings.

It was so so wrong in many ways but at the same time maybe that made it hotter, something so taboo being very exciting. The scenario fitted each of our very different kinks perfectly and it was very hot n horny all round.!

I’m still not keen on dogging. But if I don’t have much choice, who am I to stop my very naughty sexy and HOT wife from having her fun?

Cuck Hubby.