Written by Private

22 Mar 2019

Well after the test initiated by Julie I was in no doubt that I wanted to experience dogging. My BF was ok with it but my mind was thinking about it all the time and my work colleagues noticed I was very preoccupied with something but it’s not something I could discuss lol. The week dragged by so slowly and to heighten my experience I was told not to have sex before Saturday night. I kept thinking of how many would there be, what ages, sizes what if we get caught, would anyone recognise me my mind was in a whir.

Saturday morning arrived and I had a text from Julie giving me some details of the evening and where we would meet. Also what to wear which was not a great deal. I went into town and got a new g string and a full waxing. I was becoming very nervous as well as excited and when I got home I had a long relaxing bath to try and calm down a little. It was time to get ready and my BF brought a glass of wine for me as I slipped my new string over my bald pussy and arse. High heals on and that was it. No dress or skirt or even a coat. Ok darling are you ready my BF asked yes but are you sure you can handle this, watching me suck strangers cocks, tasting there spunk and being fucked in front of you??, as I was saying it my pussy was tingling and my clit throbbed. He murmured a kind of reply which was a kind of yes.

The first thing was to get to the car without being seen after all I was only in my string. Lucky we have a quiet neighbourhood and the rear garden is dark as I walked from the house to the garage my arse and tits wobbling I looked across to the greenhouse and caught a reflection not bad for 45 I thought. I got into the car and off we drove. I was now very much exposed and it had been a while since I had been this naked in the car. I put the heating on as I was having goose bumps. How are you feeling darling my BF asked and with that I guided his left hand down to my sodden pussy and he slipped a couple of fingers into me which made me shudder.

We carried on driving and eventually we were only a short distance from the car park. I was wondering whether there were going to be any cars in the car park. Slowly we drove close to the entrance and came to a halt. My BF turned to me and said are you sure about this. Yes I said in a kind of abrupt manner. Ok we drove into the car park. There were about four or so cars and one car on its own. As we drove slowly into the car park the headlights picked out the occupants of three cars. One was Jeff and Julie’s car it had two passengers in the rear seats, the other two cars had one occupant each. We drove around the car park slowly and ping went my phone. It was Julie she ordered us to park at the top of the car park facing them, which we did and turned off the engine. Ping and it was Julie again tell your BF to walk down to meet us and I showed him the message and off he went. Walking about 30-40 yards down to Jeffs Mercedes. As he arrived the occupants of the cars got out and I quickly made out about 7 people including my BF. Ping again it was Julie her message told me to get out the car and walk to her. I was now trembling with fear and excitement. I quickly unfastened the safety belt and slid the car door open and out I climbed and got to my feet and closed the door. I was completely naked apart from tiny string and my nipples were fully erect in the cold air.

I started to walk slowly down to the assembled audience passing the single parked car as I walked I was able to make out the group there was Julie dressed in a one piece catsuit Jeff and my BF. I looked closer at the other 4 men as I got nearer I could see they were very fit looking but gosh how young they looked, I was old enough to be their mother they were talking to each other and commenting about the way I looked. Julie shouted for me to stop and she muttered something to Jeff who turned to my BF and went the boot of his car. They pulled out an old rolled up single mattress and walked it up to me and cut the tape holding and it sprung open and fell to the ground in front of me. Julie walked forward and she looked so hot, the catsuit really enhanced her voluptuous figure and with her the other men followed suit. I could see that the crotch of catsuit was open and her bald pussy was in full view. Julie grabbed my hair and marched me over to the young men. Immediately one started kissing me passionately while the other two went to work on my nipples. Tugging and biting away I could feel them pushing me down to my knees and then to my left the first guy had stripped naked and was sporting a large hard on and shaven balls. No introduction his cock was pushed into my mouth it tasted sweet and stick but was very hard. I had forgotten about my BF as I slurped and moaned as I sucked on his cock. He shouted to Jeff you were right mate she gives good head. Julie then made one of her patronising remarks directed at my BF don’t forget to thank her BF for him dogging his GF. Cheers mate he shouted. I was hauled up and I could now see the other three lads were now naked and my god they looked fit with massive cocks. I could feel my string being pulled down and my pussy was exposed and I was already leaking creamy juice. Fuck one shouted have you seen this lads. Julie was laughing again I told you she is a dirty slut creaming for you boys. I was pushed down onto my hands and knees I was still sucking the first guy off when my hips were taken hold of and I felt the tip of a cock being rubbed over my pussy lips. He found the entrance and slowly pushed his cock in. Go on get in there Jeff shouted and the feeling of such a large hard young cock filling my pussy was sensational. He started to rhythmically fuck me and as he got faster I could feel his balls slapping against me. Julie then turned to my BF and said that she is loving being such a whore being spit roasted by complete strangers what a bitch I thought.. I could not help myself and I could feel my orgasam beginning to build with the hard deliberate thrusts rubbing over my clit. I was struggling to keep concentrating on sucking that lovely cock and my breathing was becoming heavier and I was beginning to groan louder and louder. Julie was now barking her instructions to the young man fucking me. Fill her cunt with cum, come on fill her pussy with spunk. I was trying to keep sucking the other man when he suddenly pulled out and his cock twitched as he shot his white juice over my face, down my back and landing on the cheeks of my arse. I couldn’t believe how much cum he had shot over me. Julie started chuckling again and told the young man to put his still hard spunky cock back in mouth and god did it taste nice. Make sure you clean that cock. I was trying my best to lick all the spunk of his cock while trying to hold off my own orgasam. Jeff turned to Julie what about this young lad having a go. So the the first guy pulled his cock from my mouth to be replaced by another. This cock felt even bigger and was leaking sticky pre cum. Look at the cum Julie said I hope you are on the pill darling as this guy is going to shoot his spunk in your pussy. This sent me over the edge as I let go with my mouth and started to scream fuck me you dirty bastard as I started to cum my orgasam was so strong and intense as he kept fucking me through it and started to moan as his arse and balls twitched and filled my cunt with his spunk. He kept on going large spurts of cum time after time. He eventually pulled out his cock which was covered with a mixture of my cream and sperm. Fucking hell Jeff said as he turned to my BF your GF has been well and truly fucked. My legs felt so weak and wobbly but there was at least two more to go. I was helped to my feet by Jeff and my BF and Jeff the dirty bugger put his fingers into my spunk filled pussy and pushed them into mouth. God I was in heaven. The third guy I was sucking now laid on his back and Julie now ordered me to squat down and I took his cock into my spunky cunt. The first guy was now standing next to my BF and Jeff he told my BF that he was a lucky guy. Jeff said I do love your GF arse look at it wobbling. Now it was the fourth guys turn and as stood waste height with him stroking his cock. I reached out and took it in my hand and proceeded to wank it. The second guy had come to join in and offered his cock and I took it in the other hand. My tits were bouncing up and down and slapping together which amused Julie no end.The fourth guy now pushed his cock towards my spunk covered face and I took him into my mouth. Julie seemed to take great enjoyment in this sight and started to encourage the three lads my legs could not take anymore so I slumped forward to my knees and I looked towards this young handsome lad. I could feel all the juices running from me as I started to squirt I had lost complete control. Jeff turned to my BF what a lovely sight a mature woman being fucked so well and she really is enjoying it. My BF stood on just watching mesmerised by my greed for cock. I was loving the attention and being completely naked with these handsome young men. The guy I was riding was really enjoying himself and so were The rest of them. I don’t know what I was thinking but I leaned forward and started to kiss the young lad fucking me he seamed to enjoy the intimacy of it and started to groan as he shot his seed deep into my cunt. Julie was now in her element laughing out loudly. What a dirty slag you are as I climbed off the third guy. My body was feeling the effects as the third guy thanked my BF for his fuck. Spunk was running down my legs I had never seen so much. The fourth lad wanted his prize and Julie hauled me up and told me to walk over to the car on its own. I started to walk as best as I could I could feeling the sperm running from my body. Julie and the lads along with Jeff and my BF following. As I got to the car I was ordered to bend down and put my hands on the bonnet. Julie told Jeff to get his cock out which she did not need to ask twice. With that Julie told the last of the young lads to put his cock in my mouth. It was inevitably that this was the largest and l got to work sucking and licking his cock and balls. Jeff !! shouted Julie wank your cock over her arse. I looked back to see Jeff sliding his foreskin back and forth go on cover her arse in cum Julie ordered and a series of shouts from the young lads come on Jeff cover that milfs arse and then I felt his hot spunk landing on my rounded arse. There was laughter from the young lads. Look at the sluts arse covered in spunk. I could feel it sliding between my cheeks over my arse hole. Ok fuck her Julie she ordered the fourth guy as he pulled free from my mouth and slid his bare cock inside me. He started to rhythmically build speed as he banged into me. Pulling my hair and lifting my head off the bonnet. I started to cum again and screamed you dirty cunts. He started to groan and filled me with another hot load of young sperm.

He pulled out and I just stayed there and behind me the young lads were congratulating each other and high fiveing. Still naked like a team of prize hunters gathered around for Julie to take a photograph of them pointing my gaping cunt and exposed arse with thumbs up to the camera.

With that they started to get dressed and shook my BFs hand. I got up off the bonnet and in a dazed state looked around as everyone started to disperse. I saw Julie laughing and holding my string in her fingers. She came over and told me that this was just the beginning and got into her car as they drove off in a group .I thought where was my BF, he was sat in our car at the top of the car park. I slowly walked a walk of shame completely naked and used. Spunk all over my body, face and hair. He opened the door and I got in. He had put a towel on the seat and as we drove for home every now and again sperm was still leaking from my cunt. We said nothing as we drove and when we got home I showered and I fell asleep.

By the time I woke my BF had gone to work. As I dozed there was a ping it was a photograph from my BF with the lads with a caption I loved it last night and to be truthful so did I. So ladies am I now a true slut and dogger ?? Xx